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WaterField SFBags just released their new Outback Solo bag for the Surface Pro 3. When you get a new computer or tablet it is always hard to find the right custom protection to carry your device around. WaterField SFBags is one of my favorite companies especially if you want to be a minimalist and and only carry the things you need for the day. Well, the Waterfield SFBags Outback Solo for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is exactly that!

The Outback Solo from Waterfield SFBags for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 really has a Outback feel to it. The outside of the Outback Solo is made from waxed canvas and the flap that covers three of the 4 compartments is made of premium leather. The flap has a magnetic closure that works great and gives you easy and quick access to all the three compartments of the bags. The Outback Solo was designed with minimalist in mind and the three compartments is all you need. The built of this bag is very durable. The stitching has the quality what you expect with canvas and leather. The added adjustable shoulder strap is made from brown webbing with premium leather attachment ends.

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The main compartment is lined inside with neoprene to give you the ultimate protection for your Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with the Type Keyboard cover. The fit is snug in the beginning but over time the Surface Pro 3 slides in nicely. There is just one little but. If you use a pen loop on the side of your Surface to store your Surface Pro 3 pen, then you need to remove the pen before storing the device in the Outback Solo. You can fold over the loop itself nicely while storing the Surface Pro 3 in the Outback Solo. The pen can be stored easily in one of the smaller compartments. Another option is to move the the Pen loop to the bottom part of the type keyboard or the back of the top of your Surface Pro 3. In these two locations you still can store the Surface Pro 3 with the pen attached in the Outback Solo.

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The two smaller compartments are perfectly sized for the essentials you need to bring along for the day. The larger of the two pockets is ideal to store your charger for the Surface Pro 3 and even allows for some extra cables if you want to. For example and Micro USB cable to attach to the Surface Pro 3 charger to charge your phone or a small ethernet/3 USB 3.0 hub. The smallest compartment is ideal for either you phone or your travel mouse. One side of the inside of the smaller compartment has a soft fleece like liner that will protect the screen of your phone. The size of this pockets is large enough for my Nokia Lumia 1520. There is a small little loop between the bottom of the two outside compartments that allows you clip on on a bike safety light.

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The adjustable shoulder strap is optional. The strong rock climbing style brown webbing has double snap button premium leather ends that feed through the premium leather flap. Mine arrived with the shoulder strap already attached but I changed the orientation of the strap so that the top of the strap adjustment would face away from my body. Slinging this stylish Outback Solo over your shoulder gives you a feel that you have the right bag for the right purpose. There is one more compartment that can quickly accessed. This is a folder like pocket that you can access on the back of the bag. The opening is where the premium leathes flap meets the waxed canvas.

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In short: The Waterfield SFBags well designed minimalist Outback Solo is the perfect good looking quality companion for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Sample supplied by SFBags

Price $109 at Waterfield SFBags (add $19 for the strap)


Waterfield Designs

Hi John,

Just to let you and your readers know, we’re holding a giveaway for this Outback Solo along with a brand new Surface Pro 3 tablet and a Type Cover. There are about five more days to enter: http://www.sfbags.com/blogs/news/15701928-win-a-surface-pro-3-and-waterfield-designs-outback-solo