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Case Logic cover

Are you are still looking for a perfect backpack to carry all your belongings safely? Don’t forget to look at the Case Logic backpacks. Case Logic has a great variety in models and sizes of backpacks that protects your Laptops and tablets and has great amount of space for all your other school supplies. All the models they have are very fashionable and stylish. A fit for almost anyone.

You can have a quick peek at all their Laptop backpacks here but I will highlight two of them.

The Berkeley Deluxe Backpack

The Berkeley Deluxe backpack comes also in a smaller model but both will hold the same size maximum 15.6″ laptop but the deluxe version will hold more of your personal belongings and accessories. A great feature is the hidden small compartment on the lumbar panel that can hide smaller valuables like your phone and our wallet. One of the side pockets is big enough to store a water bottle on the go. The shoulder straps are connected on the top and articulate to fit different body types. The sternum strap is adjustable and even removable if you don’t want it. Pockets, Pockets and pockets. The material is polyester and has a a grey anthracite canvas look like to it.

To check out the full details go the Case Logic website. Price $64.99


The Griffith Park Plus Backpack

The Griffith Park Plus backpack is very similar sized as the Berkeley Deluxe backpack (slightly smaller) but is made out of durable nylon and has more of a sport/outdoors look. This backpack also comes in a deluxe version (similar sized) but has a more hiking backpack like top closure (flap) instead of the zippered top. This pack has also a dedicated protective compartment for your up to 15.6″ laptop and a tablet. As is the Berkeley pack this pack has a plush lined pocket on the back for your phone or other valuables. The sternum strap on this pack is not removable but will come in very handy on those longer walks with the wait of your school books. Larger side pockets will also unzip to the size to fit a water bottle. This backpack has been designed to also function as a day pack for smaller hikes and has some great added features to accommodate this. Like a carabiner attachment and side compression straps. The pack comes in black with a green back and green accents on the zippers.

To check out the full details go the Case Logic website. Price $84.99

Both of these backpacks come with a 25 year warranty!

Case Logic 1

Make sure to explore the whole line of Case logic bags for your Camera, Laptop or tablet right here. You can’t go wrong with any of them!


Review by Yet M. Chu for Rating: I got this backpack few weeks ago and its prttey good so far. For some reasons this one (which is red) is cheaper then the black one, even though they are the same backpack expect for the color differences. I’m guessing because more people are into black color backpack. Anyways, I’m just going to put the bad and the good about this backpack.GOOD-This can fit a 15.4 laptop, anything bigger than 15.4 will not fit.-Well made, it will last for a long time.-Lot’s of small protected pocket for Ipod, PSP, HardDrive..etc.-Feels good when its placed on your back, it’s design to have air flow between your back and the backpack. This way you will not have a wet spot on your back.-Cheap Bad-It’s kinda small in size, you can fit a laptop and few binders and maybe 2 books. That is about it, there are spaces but its more for small items. There are bigger version of SwissGear backpack, but it cost more.Overall, this is a great backpack for it’s price. If I would buy another one in the future I would still chose SwissGear.Hope this help, thanks for reading.