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Stephanie Ferguson has published an article on the Windows Mobile blog “Windows phones are Coming on October 6th!“. While you might remember the first announcement of Windows Mobile 6.5 and Microsoft MyPhone back at Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

A little later on CTIA Wireless Windows Marketplace for Mobile was announced, and this whole bundle of Windows Mobile operating system and complementary services will hit the market upcoming 6th of October.

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Basic analysis of “Windows phones are coming on October 6th!” from Stephanie Ferguson

If you followed the news about Windows (Mobile) Phones, it probably is not a big surprise that it is released to the market upcoming fall, but to me the global campain, I will discuss later on,  has the most impact on me personally. But let’s start a little analysis of Stephanie Ferguson’s article:

“When we started work on Windows phones, we met with people all over the world who were likely to buy a smartphone and talked with them about what’s important to them in their phone.”

Excellent that the Microsoft Windows Mobile teams are talking to the people using their smartphones, and balance both concepts of market push and market pull. Looking at the numbers below it is extremely important to interact with the userbase and transform the customer feedback into valuable new product itterations.

“Looking at the U.S. market, for example, we found that about 15 million people in the next year will buy a new smartphone. Of the people we talked to, 74% listed productivity as the top feature they value in their smartphone.”

I count myself in these 74% and for example I’m really looking forward to the productivity- and efficiency improvements that the combination of Windows Mobile 6.5 and Microsoft Exchange 2010 will bring.

“We discovered that most people who carry a Windows phone don’t realize it’s running Windows Mobile. We also heard from many people considering their very first smartphone purchase that they’d very strongly consider a phone running Windows because it’s a brand they know and trust.”

For example on the HTC Touch Diamond2 and the HTC Touch Pro2 already feature a visible “Windows”-hardware button, which probably is the first step into the Windows Phone branding.

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Impressive global campaign is my biggest surprise !

Mary-Jo Foley, Editor a ZDNet.com, has put some puzzle pieces together about the date in her article: “Windows Mobile 6.5 phones coming October 6“, while supporting evidence for this event-concept in a localized form in the Netherlands, is reported by Mobilyz.com.

“October 6 also happens to be the day of Microsoft’s first-annual consumer-products open house event for invited press and analysts in New York City. Entertainment and Devices Division President Robbie Bach is slated to show off Windows Phones, the uber-brand for Windows Mobile phones; the Zune HD; Xbox 360; Windows 7; and Microsoft hardware that will be available for the holidays.”

But here comes the part that has really impressed me. Microsoft implements a truly global campaign in close collaboration with a large number of partners all over the world. It is almost the whole eco-system that is moving in the upcoming months !!

  • In North America: Mobile operators AT&T, Bell Mobility, Sprint, TELUS and Verizon Wireless, and phone manufacturers HP, HTC Corp., LG Electronics, Samsung and Toshiba Corp.
  • In Europe: Mobile operators Orange, Deutsche Telekom AG and Vodafone Group Plc, and phone manufacturers Acer, HTC, LG Electronics, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Toshiba
  • In Latin America: Mobile operator TIM Brazil, and phone manufacturers HTC, LG Electronics and Samsung
  • In Asia Pacific: Mobile operators NTT DOCOMO Inc., SOFTBANK Mobile Corp., SK Telecom, Telstra and WILLCOM Inc., and phone manufacturers Acer Inc., HTC, LG Electronics, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Toshiba

I’m really curious what kind of new devices and services the upcoming months will  bring. I will definitely try to keep an eye on these partners above.