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Earlier this year Google released Google sync. Which allowed you to sync your Contact and Calendar items on your Google account. However you still needed to use the IMAP settings to get your e-mails in on your device. This was on a schedule and not push.

The Google Mobile Blog is telling us that the Google Sync supports the push Google mail accounts (Gmail and Google mail for your own Domain) in conjunction with your contacts and calendar.  Using the exchange server settings on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and Windows Mobile devices and the upcoming Windows Phone dgooglesyncevices you can, in one easy set up, connect your device to Google Sync and live sync all your contacts, calendar items and now have your e-mails pushed to your device. No separate IMAP settings are needed anymore.

Most devices still only support one exchange account. So if you are already running an exchange account on your device for work, you can only use the IMAP settings to bring in your Google mail accounts.

Please visit the following sites to get the set up instructions for Google Sync on your device:

Please watch this short video below to get a sense of Google Sync as well. Hey it is exchange server for free using your Gmail or Google for your own domain account. (Data charges on your phone do apply)