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Today a little article that hasn’t really to do anything with mobility, but is linked to MobilityMinded.

I love comics; especially some comics on the web which get a daily or weekly update. A colleague and good friend of mine has his own web-comic called Mad Science. Mad Science is about a mad scientist called Otto and his son Albert. Together they go through some nice adventures.

otto_matikAbout 2 weeks ago I helped my colleague with his WordPress installation. I’ve installed some nice plugins which made his site perform a little bit better, and hopefully give him a little bit more visitors. A nice gesture of him was to include the MobiliyMinded Logo in one of his comics. So if you’re interested in a nice drawn comic which is updated twice a week, give this link some love http://www.madsciencecomic.com/

The episode where the MobilityMinded logo can be found is here: http://www.madsciencecomic.com/630/136-theres-always-next-year


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