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The worst scenario which you can think of: You lost your Windows Phone and cannot find it anymore. It doesn’t answer if you call it and nobody reported your phone as being found. Of course it contains all your phone numbers, your calendar and your private files. What to do ?giveaway

Hopefully you have connected your Windows Phone to the Microsoft MyPhone service. MyPhone enables you to sync everything on your device to a secured location, so that in case of a lost phone you can easily recover all your data to your new phone.

But there is more ! If you use the Premium MyPhone service, you can even locate your phone at it’s last reported location. You can see the position of your phone on the map and if you are close enough, you can even locate it by sending an alert to the phone which causes the phone to ring for a minute, even when it was on silent or vibrate.

Do you have a great story about losing your Windows Phone and locating it with the MyPhone service and you can prove it ? Then you will have an opportunity to win a brand new Windows Phone from Verizon or AT&T.

Check out all the details and rules at the  Lost Without MyPhone site.



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