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The HTC HD2 is, without any doubt, one of the hottest and most powerful Windows Phones on the market today. MobilityMinded has been very fortunate to conduct a very extensive and indepth review of the HTC HD2, which is published in the article “HTC HD2 review – A new era in Windows Phones’ history“.


If you are using a T-Mobile USA branded version of the HTC HD2, the HTC Wi-Fi Router application won’t be pre-installed in the ROM. WMWifiRouter is aN excellent third-party alternative that you might want to check out here: WMWifiRouter 2.00 review – Turn every Windows Phone into a Wireless Hotspot

However I would like to highlight one specific application on the HTC HD2, which is a helpful addition for every mobile professional:  Wi-Fi Router, which turns the HTC HD2 in a true Access Point that shares your cellular data connection.

wi-fi_router_htc_hd2_08_240px wi-fi_router_htc_hd2_11_240px

The screenshots above show two ways of launching the Wi-Fi Router application on the HTC HD2. The first way is simply to tap on the Wi-Fi Router icon in the improved Windows Mobile 6.5 start menu. The second way is via changing the switch for Wi-Fi Router in the Comm Manager on the HTC HD2, which is shown in the right screenshot above.

wi-fi_router_htc_hd2_09_240px wi-fi_router_htc_hd2_12_240px

Both ways of launching the Wi-Fi Router application result in the same first step of “transforming” the Windows Phone into a Wi-Fi Router / Access Point. The mainscreen of the application is shown in the left screenshot above.

There you can see the Wi-Fi Router status and you can configure Network name and WEP key as the Wi-Fi Router parameters. Furthermore you need to select the Cellular Data Connection that you want to share, in the example this is called “Vodafone Live!”

The right screenshot above shows the status change “Connecting Vodafone Live!” when you hit start on the right softkey.

wi-fi_router_htc_hd2_13_240px wi-fi_router_htc_hd2_14_240px

After this status change or in the case when you hit “Help” on the left softkey a screen with (help) instructions is shown on the massive screen of the HTC HD2. As you can see in the left screenshot the (help) instructions consist of four simple steps, while the right screenshot above shows the Wi-Fi Router status: “Wi-Fi Router running, ready to accept connections“.


One of the best improvements of Windows 7 on my Lenovo X60 tablet is the improved way of managing the wireless networks, which I described in the acrticle “Windows 7 RC reviewed on HP Mini 1000” as:

“Windows 7 makes viewing and connecting to all of your networks simple and consistent. You’ll always have one-click access to available networks, regardless of whether those networks are based on Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, dial-up, or your corporate VPN.”

wi-fi_router_htc_hd2_32_75pcnt wi-fi_router_htc_hd2_34_75pcnt

In the left screenshot you can see that I’m connected with the Linksys WRT54GS Router of the Home network, while you can see the the Wi-Fi Router is in the list of available wireless networks.

Connecting to the Wi-Fi Router Wireless Network is simple. At first you click on the Wireless Network, and you click on the connect button. From the previous device screenshots above you probably remember that the WEP key is 1234567890, which I need to enter in order to get connected with the Wi-Fi Router Wireless Network.

In the right screenshot above you can see that I’m connected to the Wi-Fi Router Wireless Network. The left screenshot below shows the status of the Wi-Fi Router application on the HTC HD2 as: “Wi-Fi Router running, Connection established” so on both devices you can clearly see that connected status !!

wi-fi_router_htc_hd2_15_240px wi-fi_router_htc_hd2_18_240px

If you want to stop the Wi-Fi Router application you simply hit “Stop” on the right softkey, while as a result the Wi-Fi Router status directly changes to “Stopping Wi-Fi Router“. All connections are disconnected and the Wi-Fi Router application returns to its main screen.

Concluding thoughts on the Wi-Fi Router application

At first I would like to compliment HTC for developing this great application and pre-loading the Wi-Fi Router application on the HTC HD2. In the review I concluded that the HTC HD2 addresses also business needs or the needs of power users and mobile professionals:

“The HTC HD2 is a very well balanced Windows Phone for various usage scenarios, and with a bulk load of added value not only in terms of technology and hardware but also in terms of software innovations. HTC has done an amazing job and set the bars significantly higher.”

Wi-Fi Router vs. Internet Sharing

Jaap van Ekris, Windows Mobile MVP and Editor in Chief of ModernNomads.info, has written excellent articles related to the internet sharing functionality in Windows Mobile:  “Bluetooth Internet Connection sharing” and “Use your Windows Mobile device as modem for your laptop

Internet Sharing on Windows Phones can substitute devices like the Option GlobeTrotter GT MAX HSUPA modem card or a Huawei E160 USB modem. But it is not possible to share the cellular data connection with more devices or people. This is the biggest advantage of the Wi-Fi Router application on the HTC HD2, while it furthermore is extremely simple to use.

However I would also like to address a few points for improvement in future itterations of the Wi-Fi Router application.

  1. The security of the Wireless Connection is just a 10 digit WEP key, while I use the more secure WPA security on my Linksys WRT54GS Router. In the extreme case that you work with a project group on location, and have your Wi-Fi Router application up and running for the whole day, you simply want the corporate project data to be secure.
  2. In the same usage scenario of a project group working on location, it would be extremely helpful to have a central and secure sharing folder, which acts like a document dump. In the case of a “normal” router you can use a USB-stick for that purpose, and it would be great if the Wi-Fi Router application could somehow take advantage of the storage on microSD card of the HTC HD2.

In order to wrap-up I find the Wi-Fi Router a very helpful application, and honestly I do think that this should become standard available on ALL Windows Phones (which would mean that it needs to become part of the core OS). With the Internet Sharing functionality already available the Wi-Fi Router would be a great addition.

What do you think of the Wi-Fi Router application ? If you want to learn more about the features and performance of the HTC HD2, you might want to check out the extensive review on this website.


If you are using a T-Mobile USA branded version of the HTC HD2, the HTC Wi-Fi Router application won’t be pre-installed in the ROM. WMWifiRouter is an excellent third-party alternative that you might want to check out here: WMWifiRouter 2.00 review – Turn every Windows Phone into a Wireless Hotspot


I like the idea of the “Wi-Fi Router” feature of the HD2, but what happens in the scenario where the phone is being used as a wi-fi router and there is an important incoming call to the phone? Can the user still answer the call and leave the room to talk in private? Will this impact upon the other users connected to the wi-fi access point hosted by the HD2?

Hi Brett,

Together with Mark Briggeman I was able to test this scenario (in a kind of simplyfied form).

– The HTC HD2 with the Wi-Fi Router application turned ON;
– My Lenovo X60 tablet connected to the Wi-Fi Router on the HTC HD2;

I simply could take the phone call of Mark, without being disconnected.

Despite this is a slightly simple test, it clearly shows that you are able to take phone calls without disconnecting yourself or your colleagues from the Wi-Fi Router application on the HTC HD2.

// Remo Knops

recently started a new job and was issued the htc P4600. I’d give it an A for mobility features and an F for usability. The phone is a brick, doesn’t hold a charge for a day and is just ridiculously clumsy to use. doesn’t matter that it’s got all the greatest features if you can’t make or take a call. hope they’ve done better with other models.

Hi jummy kelly,

Idon’t have personal experience with the HTC P4600 but I’m using the HTC HD2 for a few weeks now and make phonecalls on a very regular basis each day.

With the people centric communication and HTC Sense this is easy and reliable !!

// Remo Knops

WIll this WiFi Router functionality work over WiFi network connection instead of regular cellular data connection? Basically it could be very useful in hotels where in you have paid connection only for one device available, so htc hd2 can get connected as the first device in hotels wifi network and then you can use the same connection on your computer.

Hi Arvind,

Thank you for your question, excellent point. Unfortunately the Wi-Fi Router application is “just” aimed at sharing your cellular data connection, so it wouldn’t support the scenario you outlined.

Good friend Arne Hess, Windows Mobile MVP and Editor in Chief of the::unwired has written a nice article “Connectify turns your Windows 7 PC into a real WiFi HotSpot” which might be the perfect solution for your scenario. 🙂

// Remo Knops

Unfortunately the Windows 7 solution outlined there is not compatible with my network card. So HtC stuff would have been great :-).

One more point, typically in the hotel situations.. You would first want to check things in your cell phone and only if somethign is interesting you would want to start the laptop.. So this functionality in HTC would have been good.


Slight variation the above article. Is it possible to use my HD2 as a wifi card between my desktop and my home wifi router?

I can connect to the internet through my phone (via my mobile ISP).
I can connect my phone to my home wifi router (via my home ISP)
But can I bridge the gap so that my desktop can join my home network via my HD2?

I am in the process of moving my home office, so this is only a temp solution whilst I wait for a desktop wifi card to arrive.

Win7 Desktop => HD2 => Linksys WRT54GS Wireless => BT Voyager 220 Router => Internet



Hi James,

Great question, but unfortunately I think I need to disappoint you, since the Wi-Fi Router application on the HD2 simply has its limitations and is fully aimed at sharing your cellular data connection. You are more looking at a fully functional professional router.

If it is no problem to pay for the cellular data you use, you simply want to use your HTC HD2 as a cellular data modem (card). Please use the basic Windows Mobile Internet Sharing functionality for this scenario. Start –> Tools –> Internet Sharing

Another option, which starts at the different end of the spectrum, might be to turn a Windows 7 powered machine, that is directly plugged into your Voyager 220 router into a Wi-Fi hotspot with Connectify !!

// Remo Knops

Stefanie Reyes

I was thinking the same thing! But I was wondering how to change the “wep” password? For instance if the password was 1234567890 and you wanted to change it to 0123456789 would you just change it to that in the password field. Or is there a whole different place that you go to? Sorry I’m a little new to the technology world.

Hi Stefanie,

Thank you for your question. You are exactly right you can change the WEP key field within the Wi-Fi Router application on your HTC HD2. You might need to stop the Wi-Fi Router application with the right softkey, if it is automatically started. You may also want to consider to uncheck the option “use these settings wiithout asking next time” if you plan to check the WEP key on a regular basis !!

// Remo Knops

Stefanie Reyes

Wow! Thanks for such a fast reply this web page is wonderful since I’m such a visual person. The step by step screen shots were great and I found it extremely helpful. Thanks for explaining it in “laymen term” for those of us less fortunate! Thanks a bunch!

available in marketplace is an app called WMwiFiRouter, this does what you want, I had the free version for 30 days as my computer doesn’t have WiFi. USB to my HD2 and used the phone to connect to my home WiFi Broadband. It will also allow you to connect wirelessly through your PC WiFI or Bluetooth. I,m now stuck without broadband as the free trial ended and the main app costs £squillions.

A great many thanks for your contributions ! Much aprreciated …

Excellent comment, and I have reviewed WMWifiRouter v2.00 a little while ago. My idea was to give non-HTC users a similar alternative to Wi-Fi Router of HTC HD2.

Your scenario: “USB to my HD2 and used the phone to connect to my home WiFi Broadband.” can also be obtained via the default Windows Mobile Internet Sharing feature !

// Remo Knops

I bought my HD2 yesterday and i’m quit new with WinMob.

I had different Nokia’s with symbian and my latest is the E71.
I’m a business user, so i need a phone with multitasking.

That’s why i didn’t choose the Iphone.
I hope that this phone can do the same things (and maybe more) than my E71. BTW, http://www.HTCHD2Forum.com is great place for HTC HD2 owers to share ideas and tricks. FYI

Hello Remo, thanks for putting together this simple set of instructions.

I followed these instructions with my HD2 and my HP 2730P (Windows 7). However, I get an error on my 2730P (it says it is trying to connect to my WiFI Router connection but it never gets there (it just sits there saying it is trying to connect). On the HD2 side, everything seems to be all right, it says “ready to accept connections”. Don’t know quite the problem may be; any clues? Thanks in advance.

Hi Fernando,

Good question. On the HTC HD2 side there are not tat many settings to configure, and on the notebook side with Windows 7 you are always just two clicks away to connect with a wireless network. Could you check if the drivers of your network card are up to date, and may be do you get a specific error code? Please check again if there are no typo’s in the WEP key when connect with your HP 2730P.

Without any problems I could connect the HP Mini 1000 to the Wi-Fi Router on HTC HD2.

// Remo Knops

Hmmm, indeed. I just ran Microsoft Update on my 2730P and there it was, a quick update to my wireless card. Installed it, and now the Wi-Fi router with my HD2 works like a charm. Remo, u-da-man 🙂

Thank you !

Hi Fernando,

I’m glad it works for you now !

// Remo Knops

Hey I’m getting my htc hd2 tomorrow and I was wondering if I have a wireless adapter for my xbox 360 could I use my hd2 to connect to xbox live? Thanks

Hi Chris,

I don’t have an Xbox myself (yet) but I assume that you can search for a wireless network from your Xbox. If this is the case, and a WEP key is supported, than it won’t be a problem to connect your Xbox with the Wi-Fi Router on your HTC HD2 !!

However you might be dependent on the connection strength of your cellular network. Online gaming with just EDGE or GPRS coverage, might become a problem ?

// Remo Knops

Hey Chris

I used my Cricket laptop broadband, to connect to xbox live and its 3g.

There should not be a problem with the xbox 360, i am going to try it soon as I get home. Just know that you have to download the app to turn your HTC into a wireless router.

I tried both ways to connect to wi fi and my phone doesn’t have either of those wi-fi functions? Is it something I have to set up for a quick link?

i called tmobile and the rep had no idea about the rounter. I dont have it on my phone now. Where can i get that application?

Hi Corey,

Thank you for your comment.

The Wi-Fi Router application isn’t included in the ROM of the T-Mobile branded HTC HD2. I used the European / Asia Pacific version of HTC HD2 (unbranded) for this review.

// Remo Knops

Hi, I have the HTC HD2 through T-Mobile. However, T-Mobile has disabled the wifi-router application on the HD2’s prior to selling them, so I am unable to find this app or the icon on my device. Is there a way you could upload a copy of your application to the web so that I can download and install it on my phone.

Dear Lewis,

The Wi-Fi Router application is not included in the T-Mobile branded HTC HD2, and unfortunately I won’t extract the application from the ROM of my European HTC HD2 due to intellectual property rights and possible legal implications.

You might want to check the T-Mobile forums here, where more T-Mobile HTC HD2 owners complain about the lack of the Wi-Fi Router application. 🙂

// Remo Knops

is there a way to get the internet service from my tmobile ht2 htc unto my laptop? your response will be greatly appreciated.


If you have a notebook/laptop that is running on Windows 7, than Connectify is the application to go for. It turns your notebook into an wireless hotspot, and you can share your cellular data connection as well. I wrote a review about it a while back: Connectify review – Turn your Windows 7 laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot !!

// Remo Knops

What if I dont have this icon on my phone? Where do I get it?

Hi Elizabeth,

Keep an eye on the website early next week, as I will publish a review of an alternative Wi-Fi Router application !!

// Remo Knops

I guess I am an idiot because I have tried to different wifi router apps on my HD2 but my HP laptop can not see them as access points? Please help me!


Hi Tom,

Are you using a T-Mobile branded version of the HTC HD2, that doeesn’t have the reviewed Wi-Fi Router application onboard ?

// Remo Knops

Hi everyone,

If you are using a non-HTC-branded Windows Phone, WMWifiRouter is an excellent third-party alternative that transforms your Windows Phone into a Mi-Fi / Mobile Hotspot: WMWifiRouter 2.00 review – Turn every Windows Phone into a Wireless Hotspot

// Remo Knops

jonathan gardner

i got my htc hd2 and tried finding the router app. but it isnt inmy start screen or in my wireless settings whats with my phone?

Dear Jonathan,

You probably have a T-Mobile USA branded version of the HTC HD2. The HTC Wi-Fi Router application isn’t pre-installed in the ROM in this version, which I described in the update at the bottom of the screen.

I recently reviewed WMWifiRouter 2.00 , which transforms every Windows Phone into a mobile hotspot (including the HTC HD2). Please have a look at the cellular to bluetooth mode in the WMWifiRouter article !

// Remo Knops

Hi, I have problem with connecting to internet thorough wi-fi touter.
My laptop connects to wifi but it is not connected to internet. internet troubleshooter says that DNS is not found
I can surf thorough internet by mobile.
My laptop connects to internet with my home router.
And factory reseting the computer doesn’t help

Is this application free?

Hi Paul,

If you are having a recent HTC device, this application is pre-loaded so you won’t need to worry. Because it is part of the HTC value proposition, you can’t simply download it and install it for example on a Samsung device. In that case I would advise WMWifiRouter (which has been reviewed as well), but unfortunately it isn’t a free application !

// Remo Knops

I downloaded the new version from pocketpc for my HD2. I have my laptop set up and wif-fi on on both cell and laptop, but the wi-fi router gives me the message “There is no available internet connection. Do you want to set up the internet connection?” What do I need to do, I have tried everything. Thanks for your help.

hey chris,

you have to set everything to t-mobile data, even the work connection, which you find under the advanced tab. Set everything to automatically connect to t-mobile data.

hope this helps those frustrated people who like me kept getting that message.

go to start, tools, comm manager, click on the left side of the “data connection” row (not the on off switch part of it), click the tab on the bottom of the screen on the left “advanced”, now under the sentence that says “select which networks are automatically used” click select networks, and make sure that your data plan is selected for both… programs that automatically connect to the internet… and private network……no other option such as MY Work Network should be highlighted.

hope this helps my fellows out there

also make sure that both wifi and data connection are switched to on in the comm manager

Dear Remo,

I have a hd2 with me and then I bought Sony Vaio W series net pc with Windows starter edition. At first everything worked seamlessly. But now in the laptop, it shows as connected with the router, but when I open net, it shows diagnose connection problems.I therfore checked whether I can access internet in my mobile, that’s possible and still in the laptop I can’t access internet. Please help.

Hi Vinod,

What operating system are you running on your Sony Vaio W (Windows 7 / Vista / XP) ?
Just to be sure, you didn’t change the WEP key in the Wi-Fi Router application on your HTC HD2 ?

// Remo Knops

Hi Vinod,

Does your cellular data connection require a proxy server ? If yes turn this of by unchecking it:
start –> settings –> connections –> manage existing connections –> proxy tab –> uncheck checkbox.

When you disconnect manually on your Sony Vaio and reconnect manually ?
Is the Sony Viao using proprietary Sony software to manage the Wi-Fi connections or is it the basic Windows 7 experience ?

It is strange since have a HTC HD2 with a Lenovo X60 tablet and it worked at first glance.

// Remo Knops

Dear Remo,

Thanks for replying so fast. My Lap works on windows 7 starter edition.

Dear Remo,

The proxy box was unchecked otherwise. What is perplexing is that I was able to connect for the first two weeks using the router. Is there anything else I can do?

Hi Vinod,

I would try the following:
– Use Microsoft MyPhone to backup all your important PIM-information;
Perform a hard-reset on your HTC HD2, however note that the information on your device is lost without a backup;
– Set-up the Wi-Fi Router application on a clean device (without a third party app installed);
– Connect your Sony Vaio to the HTC HD2 hotspot !

You don’t get any error-codes on your Sony Vaio, when the connection fails ? If so this would help to narrow down the problem.

// Remo Knops

Hello Remo, how long does the HD2 last when used as a hotspot? Thank you.

Hi Tony,

I haven’t done any hard measurements, simply because:

1. I use the HTC HD2 with a 2300mAh extended battery and remark the verycool kickstand design !
2. I can switch to the Option GlobeTrotter GT MAX HSUPA modem card;

Did you run some test yourself, or anyone else ?

// Remo Knops

Hi i would like know weather i can install third party application such as my trading software in this phone? the software name ODIN Diet basically its for a online trading platform


Well if the application is build for Windows Phones with Windows Mobile 6.5 it should be no problem to install the application if you have the installer file (.cab-file).
I don’t know if ODIN Diet is available for Windows Mobile 6.5. I don’t know the software, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exists.


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