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In todays video review of the Verizon Samsung Omnia II I will go into the different methods of data input.

The finger touch friendly Samsung Omnia II still can hard using the on-screen keyboard. As its predecessor the device comes with a stylus. However this time they integraded the stylus in the casing instead of a separate lanyard attached stylus. Besides the standard build in keyboards on the Windows Phones I will be showing you the Swype and the Samsumg Keyboard.

The Swype keyboard is a new skill to learn, but it will let you input data using your finger or stylus without letting go of the screen. You just swype from letter to letter and it will recognize what you want to write.

Visit Swype for more tips and tricks on the Swype keyboard.

The Samsung Omnia II is available at Verizon for $199 after a $100 rebate and a 2-year contract.

Ps this video is not in HD since I had to use my Canon Powershot SD870 IS to make a macro close up “in Focus” shot to show more details. 🙂

Update: Tapping the” 123″  key two or three times on the Swype keyboard  will bring you to an edit on-screen keypad with arrows which allows you to move your cursor on screen to the right location for edits.

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I don’t have the phone but did see arrows on keyboard screen 4 during your video. Are these not able to be used for cursor movement/placement?

Thanks, you are right. Hitting the 123 button two or three times goes actually to an edit keyboard with arrows 🙂

Paul van Kraaij

I have the phone for 2 days. I love it. the Swype technology is great. It is easy and fast. This should be highlighted by Verizon in a commercial. I don’t use the stylus at all. Only my fingers!

For what I have looked at right now it is a very user friendly phone with great options. Even the cube has a good use. I used it to quickly locate my favorites and jump to the Opera browser. I have seen the iPhone and this is really a solid answer. Before I bought it I compared it to the Motorola Droid, but I did not like the small icons and some of the browsing / menu structures. The only think that Droid has that Verizon does not is a great google maps integration…but you have to make compromises in live.

i’m pretty happy with my omnia. got 2 for me and my partner and so far they’ve been pretty great unlocked mobile phones. easy to use, practical, the screen is bigger than our old unlocked htc phones. email is great for work and gps helps me get around on appointments. can’t complain. my wife loves hers for the camera and the games, son likes his for his facebook. pretty impressed by samsung this year, very good unlocked phones. easy to use, feel good against your face. the web browsing keeps me in touch with my fantasy league and the battery life lasts long enough to where i can get around all day without getting shut off. it tends to glitch a little bit but so far every phone i’ve had does so im not too mad. got our last couple unlocked gsm phones at gsmallover.com 2 thumbs way up

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