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Powermat send us some samples of their wireless charging solutions to us to give you all a feel for their products. With many cables out there, we all want to reduce these huge amounts of cables and get rid of our clutter. The Powermat is a step in the right direction in reducing some of the extra cables you might use when creating your own charging stations or with all your individual chargers.

The Powermat will allow you to charge 3 different devices  wireless and one extra device by using the integrated USB port. The Powercube comes with 8 possible connector tips which will allow you to charge nearly all mobile devices on the market.  Some specific products from Powermat will allow you to charge specific devices with ease. These specific products are: BlackBerry Battery Doors, Apple Cases and Docks, Nintendo DS Back Panels and of course the Universal Powercube receiver.

In the video below I will show you the following products:

  1. Powermat Home & Office Mat ( $99.99)
  2. Powermat Portable Mat ($99.99)
  3. Receiver-Dock for iPod and iPhone ($39.99)
  4. Receiver-Case for iPhone ($39.99)
  5. Powercube Universal Receiver ($29.99)

Items also available but are not shown in the video are:

  1. BlackBerry Battery Door ($29.99) BlackBerry Tour, Bold, Curve 8300, Curve 8900 and Pearl
  2. Receiver-Back for Nintendo DS  ($29.99) Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DSi


Using the Powermat system is a good step into the future. At my home desk the Powermat is a great solution to charge three devices with ease. I highly recommend it.

It would be great if the Portable Powermat would be smaller and thinner. The Travel Case with everything into it is still more volume in my very limited cargo travel space. A simple small USB hub build into the plugs and 2-3 individual USB charging cables will save much more space in my luggage.

I think this technology will grow and will become a standard into devices into the future. I am glad the European Community is having results with creating at least a standard in Mini and Micro USB Charging for mobile devices. Let’s see if  integrated wireless charging could be the next step!!