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Microsoft My Phone is a service for backing up data from your Windows Phone to the cloud. Here on MobilityMinded we wrote a few times about Microsoft My Phone, because we really like this service. Remo wrote an interesting article in February 2009, when My Phone launced. Back in October 2009, on the launch date of Windows Mobile 6.5 I wrote an article about the My Phone premium services.

A live example of the advantages of My Phone Premium Services can be found on the twitter account of John Obeto, CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Logikworx, Editor-in-chief of AbsolutelyWindows.com posted a live example how the My Phone premium services worked for him.

Thought I lost my LG Expo in a cab, but thanks to Microsoft My Phone, it was discovered in the hotel lobby when it sent a high-pitched ring.

Microsoft listened to the users and their wishes about the My Phone service and added 3 features to My Phone.

New Features

1) Quickly update and manage you contact conveniently from you PC.

Since I synchronize my contacts with a hosted exchange environment from sherweb, I haven’t been able to see the “contacts” part in Microsoft My Phone. So in order to test this correctly I disabled my Exchange connection and made a “Dummy” Contact List on My HTC Touch Pro 2. The contacts were pushed correctly to the My Phone Cloud. The new feature is that it is now possible to manage the contacts on the My Phone website. So I added an email address and a Nickname. Both were correctly send over to the HTC Touch Pro 2 on the next sync.

Contacts can be added, deleted, archived and even duplicate contacts can be found. This feature looks very similar to the exchange contact-sync feature which I totally like!

2) Easily download, upload and share you photos.

Photo synchronization already was an option in My Phone. But now Microsoft added a feature on the My Phone website to share the photo’s with social networks.

This is made really simple by selecting one or more photos on the My Phone website and click the “Share Photos” button on the top of the screen. After selecting the sharing services (you can choose from Windows Live, Myspace, Facebook or Flickr) the photos are being uploaded to that specific (one or more) service.

3) Use Wi-Fi to sync your content

The whole test for this article was done by Wi-Fi sync when Wi-Fi is available. This has 2 main advantages. It is quicker and you don’t necessarily have to have a data-plan to use My Phone.

The next time a user of the My Phone application will syc with the My Phone service they will have to update the My Phone software on their Windows Phone.

Concluding thoughts.

I personally think that My Phone is a great service. I am always looking for a way to make users of phones aware that when they loose their phone, notebook or any other device containing personal data, they’ve got a good backup of their data.
Microsoft My Phone is a great service for backing up data from your phone. I case your phone gets lost, stolen or want to transfer your data to an other Windows Phone, My Phone is the service you need.