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Having a cabin in the rural area of the Catskills in NY,  I was forced to get satellite internet, since there was no availability of DSL or Cable internet. However with the huge coverage of Verizon’s 3G network I have another option for a broadband connection.

Below is a summary of the two connections I have available to me when I did my test.  I am glad I was able to test this. This test has proven to me that even 3G data connection (or 4G and LTE in the future) will be my preferred internet connection over any satellite internet service that is available.

Wild Blue Satellite Internet

Details Wild Blue Satellite Internet  Pro Package

  • Pro Package $79.95/month
  • 2 year plan
  • Able to suspend service after first 3 months with no fees.
  • Up to 1.5 Mbps download speed
  • Up to 256 Kps upload speed
  • limited to 17.000 Mb download per month
  • limited to 5.000 Mb upload per month
  • Mb left overs do roll over.
  • Equipment fee is $99.95 or lease for $5.95 per month
  • Shipping and Handling $24.95
  • Set-up fee $149.95
  • One hard wired device to Modem (need your own WiFi router for multiple connections)

Total Cost of the Wild Blue Satellite Pro Internet service: $2193 or $102 per month (with equipment purchased)

Real time test results for the Wild Blue Satellite internet using http://www.testmy.net/ with clear weather conditions. (I tested the Hughes satellite internet service at my neighbors and had very similar results.)

Download Speed 6 Mb:
Your connection is: 1224 Kbps or 1.2 Mbps
You downloaded at: 149 kB/s
You are running: 21 times faster than 56K and can download 1 megabyte in 6.87 second(s)

Upload Speed 6MB:
Your connection is: 214 Kbps or 0.2 Mbps
You uploaded at: 26 kB/s
You are running: 4 times faster than 56K and can upload 1 megabyte in 39.38 second(s)

Verizon MiFi 2200

Details Verizon MiFi 2200 package.

  • Retail price $269.99 with no contract, $99.99 with 2 year contact (now extra $50 discount with online order)
  • 5GB /month package at $59.99/month
  • $35 activation fee.
  • Month–to–month, one– or two–year minimum term required per line
  • 4 hrs battery life
  • Download speeds from 600 Kbps to 1.4 Mbps
  • Upload speeds from 500 Kbps to 800 Kbps
  • When in Mobile Broadband markets that do not yet have EV-DO Rev. A, you can expect download speeds of 400 to 700 Kbps and upload speeds of 60- to 80 Kbps
  • Connect up to 5 devices to the MiFi.
  • Unlimited Verizon WiFi hotspots access.

Total cost of the Verizon MiFi 2200 5Gb/month package.  $1574 or $65 per month (with equipment purchased)

Real time test results for the Verizon MiFi using http://www.testmy.net/ with clear weather conditions

Download Speed 6 Mb:
Your connection is: 1659 Kbps or 1.7 Mbps
You downloaded at: 203 kB/s
You are running: 29 times faster than 56K and can download 1 megabyte in 5.04 second(s)

Upload Speed 6MB:
Your connection is: 700 Kbps or 0.7 Mbps
You uploaded at: 85 kB/s
You are running: 12 times faster than 56K and can upload 1 megabyte in 12.05 second(s)


At the download speed you can see a 33% increase in speed with the Verizon MiFi over the Satellite internet service. However the big difference in the upload speed, over a 300% increase with the Verizon MiFi over the Satellite internet service. If you are a VPN user,  like I am, you will find out that working over VPN with Satellite Internet service will slow you down dramatically to aggravation of not able to browse on your external server. However with the MiFi with Verizon I had no issues browsing the folders on the VPN server and downloading my spreadsheets. Of course when a storm rolls over the mountain you will be less likely to lose internet service due to the weather blocking the good signal to your satellite.

Besides saving money with the Verizon MiFi data/internet service, you will have a much faster and reliable internet connection compared to any Satellite Internet service out there. Do you live in a rural area and want fast reliable internet and you have no access to cable or DSL, check out the Verizon Map and see if you have 3G available in you neck of the woods. I even think Verizon can run a separate campaign for the rural area’s and grab some of these satellite customers.


Sir Johan,

We have much the same issue…rural NC mountains, vacation home for in-laws. Nothing but AT&T land line. We could do Verizon MiFi/3G, as it shows “extended coverage” for that area. We also can’t use our cell phones there, as Verizon’s the only wireless phone provider out there. You know any way to get a good bundle deal out of Verizon for phone & web? It looks like they recommend certain devices that you can use to obtain the web & then plug into your PC/notebook, but figured you’d know the best tips & tricks. We’re obviously looking for something inexpensive, since they use it for a vacation home & we’ll only be up there about once a month. Thank you, sir.

Hi Doug,

It looks like the cellphone plan with data service on the Verizon with the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus. They have an option enabled on the phone that you can use like a MiFi, see this article http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/36141314/

This is a great phone with a good user experience.

Let me know what you think?

Wow, that’s huge. Now BOTH phones are down to $29.99 w/ 2 yr contract. I’ll definitely be cruising by my Verizon store to see what kind of deal I can get. This may be the ticket, sir. I appreciate you tuning me into this. I’ll certainly keep you posted.

I am confused about Verizon – we have satellite now and can’t get cable or dsl where we live. There is a verizon tower less than a mile from our home and we plan on switching to verizon for cell phone. What I don’t understand – you can get a phone and a data package for $30 and it’s unlimited and includes internet – yet if you want to use your laptop – even with phone as modem then you have to also get the internet plan with 5 gig max – yet you are on the internet on both. Right now pay $70 a month for satellite which says I’m connected at 54 mps but some sites are slow and any rain keeps it going in and out. I am concerned about the 5 gig limit with much higher costs if you go over which seems rather ridiculous – most months 5 gig would probably be Ok and I’m thinking with the data plan some things could be done on the phone but I still don’t understand the difference between accessing on the phone through data plan and getting the internet with the 5 gig limit? You seem to be saying the verizon service would be faster than wild blue which is fine – any suggestions for us?

I beleive the extraover usage is $10 per 1 GB.

You can get a mobile phone loke the Droid X which has a MIFI build into it (3G Hotspot) and get the same 5GB per month.

This might end up being cheaper then having a second device. However this limits you to have your phone avaialble for othe household members when they want to go on the internet.

Trust me, I am not using my wild blue anymore.

Ps make sure you have 3G coverage in your area from Verizon

I, too am in need of a reliable internet connection that will be connecting to my work place thru a vpn. I will be in a very rural area–Belfast NY. Will the MIFI do the job and be capable of handling large volumes of uploading as well as downloading spreadsheets and work books, in addition to browsing? I will need to be connected for a straight 8 to 10 hours 4 to 5 days a week.

Hi Laurie,

A reliable connection depends on your coverage. So please check first with a cellphone how the coverage is. If the coverage is good, the MiFi can do the job for you.
Connected for 8-10 hours a day is no problem, although you have to keep it connected to a wall charger or USB port, because the batterylife is about 4 hours.

Thank you! This definitely put my concerns to rest. Wall charger will work, my company disables the USB ports on their laptops, for security.

Kathy in the "Big Woods"

We live in a rural area in Wisconsin – only available internet service is dial-up. Our phone company centurytel recommended the Mi-Fi device and thought we’d give it a try. After some initial problems with activating the device (maybe we just got a lemon) that Verizon shipped to us, (1) a fruitless 3 hrs on the phone with Verizon customer support, who finally told us to take it in and (2) a 2 hr visit to our closest Verizon store (30 mi) they traded out the SIM card. We took it home and it works great. My teenage sons are ecstatic to finally have connectivity for their laptop/ipod (no longer need to drive into town to loiter at the local hot-spot fast food restaurants). My question – we have spotty cell-phone service at times. Live in a valley. Verizon guys said we can pick up a cell phone “booster” antenna device. They referred us to Radio Shack (we went to the actual brick & mortar store) who referred us to their website. Oh-my! There are multiple choices. Can you help guide us toward a product that would boost both the MiFi and our cell phones? (if there is such a thing?) Or is it not worth the investment? Was discussing this with my sister & she said Verizon should provide it to us for free – but I’ve heard those don’t work as well as other brands that may be purchased.

I haven’t played much with boosters. But the booster might only be for voice and not data. make sure to check into this as well.

On a cell phone voice IS data. Its digital, its all data.

Stumbled across this article, and laughed to myself at this line: “I even think Verizon can run a separate campaign for the rural area’s and grab some of these satellite customers.” I work in advertising, and some studies we did uncovered this very fact, that users in rural areas were the most likely to purchase the Mifi product. We pitched these findings to our client, but never did find out if they ran a geo-targeted campaign to these areas. Great minds think alike Johan 🙂

Thanks for the comment Jim.

I have had Verizon MiFi for over a year, and I have yet to achieve speeds that compare even to dial-up. Sure, it is convenient to be able to get access in rural areas, but the speed is so slow as to be almost unusable. 5 minutes or so to load cnn.com, for instance, if it loads at all. Most of the time, it times out, and you have to try again. Also, the device disconnects every couple minutes, forcing you to reconnect. I avoid using it whenever I can, preferring to drop in at a McDonald’s or Starbucks instead and use the free WiFi. I keep the Verizon MiFi because sometimes I have to have internet where I am. But I dread using it.

Pissed of consume

Lol 5gb of data sucks major balls. I could use that in two days. Why don’t these fuckers sell services that people can be satisfied with instead of dangling the per verbal carrot. All the major carriers are the same block suckers

I live in Great Smoky Mtns in between Tallassee and Maryville, TN. It’s very hard to find internet service here but satellite is the only option I’ve found. My boys like online gaming. My question is- will the MIFI allow online gaming or do you recommend any service I could possibly try? Any advice would be great. I recently moved here and I’m sure what is best if anything. There is, however, a Verizon tower about 2 miles from my home. I have 3G signal 99 percent of the time on my cell and my phone is a prepaid StraightTalk Galaxy S3. Any suggestions please?? Thanks

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