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Boston Power and HP are Celebrating Earth Day together. As a strong believer in making the earth a greener place I think it will be good again to let you know about the great new battery HP has available that can last three years. These batteries are the Boston-Power Enviro series notebook batteries. Besides lasting longer on a single charge and in a lifetime, it also takes less energy to recharge it and it will not loose it’s value in battery power over time with many recharges.

Boston-Power is a great company that is behind this battery and as a special, the price has been reduced from $149.99 to $119.99 to promote a greener work environment.

This deal will bring the price down of this great green replacement battery to the price of a standard replacement battery, however it is going to last you three times as long. Check out their compatibility chart and see if you can make a commitment to make your notebook greener.