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Facebook is being used more and more for social communications. However, how would you know someone replied to something you have posted? Or maybe you want to be directly notified if someone makes a post.

In this article I will walk you to the process of enabling your Facebook notifications by E-mail and/or SMS text messaging. And the best thing of all is that you can respond back to these notifications by just replying in those e-mails and SMS Text messages. The experience with your mobile phone will be enriched by having these Facebook capabilities.

The KIN ONE, TWO and all other Mobile Phones

To enable push notification on all other phones you actually need to go to your Facebook on the computer to set this up.  Data and/or SMS Text messaging will be used on your phone and will charged according to your plan you have with your provider.

1. Login to your facebook page: http://www.facebook.com

2. On the right top of your screen you click on Account -> Account Settings

3. On the “My Account” Page click on “Notifications” in the top bar.

4. Now on this page you can already see that your email is listed and you can check on the list below of all the different notifications you would like to receive by email. If you get your email on your device they will show up accordingly to your email sync schedule of your device. The e-mails coming in will let you know that you can comment back to those notifications by just replying to those e-mails.
(Tip; remove your automatic signature in your email before sending back your reply)

Add these steps below to enable push notification via SMS Text Messages

5. In this next step we will activate your mobile number to receive instant push notification by SMS Text messages. On the in step 3 reached Notification Page you can now click on “Send notifications to my phone via SMS

6.  A pop up will appear for step 1 out of three steps.

A warning will appear first

Note:Before you can receive notifications via SMS, you must activate your phone for Facebook Mobile”

Open a new browser and go to http://www.facebook.com/mobile/ ->scroll down and select Mobile “Settings” and choose “Enabled” and save your settings. Some of you probably have it enabled already.

In the pop up screen select “your country” and then your “mobile carrier” and select “Next”

7. Using your mobile phone, send a SMS Text message containing only the letter “f” (without quotes) to 32665 (FBOOK).

8. At this point you will receive a SMS Text message back with a confirmation code. Select Next in the “Step 2” pop up box from Facebook and enter your code there and check if you want this number listed under your profile for others to see. Now Select “Confirm“.

9. Your Facebook account settings page will now default to the My Account – Mobile page. Here you are able to select which notifications you would like to receive. This page also allows you to enter specific Facebook friends which status updates you would like to receive as well by SMS Text messages. Check out the other settings on this page to suite to your needs. Make sure to select “Save Preferences” on the bottom of this page.

10. When you receive a SMS Text message from your Facebook account you can respond back easily to those status updates by replying that SMS Text message.

iPod Touch and iPhone

If you have the iPod Touch and and the iPone you can actually easy activate your push notification within the Facebook application.

Go to Settings -> Facebook -> Push Notifications and turn all the notification you would like and go back to your home screen.

You might want to use the option above for other phones as well, since you will be able to reply back directly to your notification using the email and/or SMS Text Message.

Final Note

It is a little bit of work, but once you have it set up you will have instant Facebook push notifications by SMS Text message and email on your mobile device.

Michelle Mosley

I don’t get a response from 32665 when i text f. I have the Palm Pre. I had it set up before but they stopped coming once I removed my battery and reset my phone. I tried to set them up again and it won’t send me a confirmation number. Any suggestions?


great idea, unfortunately the list of countries is very short and france is not in there 🙁