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As you may know, the Samsung Wave, one of Samsung’s current flagship smartphones, is the first GPS smartphone by Samsung with a mapping and navigation application that is stored in the internal memory of the phone. This Samsung LBS mapping and navigation application was developed in close cooperation between Samsung and ROUTE 66. Being nicely integrated in the operating system of this open platform Bada smartphone, the application offers an unrivalled mapping and navigation experience to the end-user when compared to Bada applications. Everybody who owns a Samsung Wave can use the application and its full functionality 30 days for free. This means that, during the 30 days test period, the Samsung Wave can be operated as a powerful navigation device with turn-by-turn spoken driving instructions and on-screen directions, both in the car and as a pedestrian. Moreover, with this mapping and navigation application you always know exactly where you are and how you can get to places that you have never visited before.

1 year free speed camera updates

After the 30 days test period, however, the navigation feature of the mapping and navigation application will be disabled automatically. From this moment onwards, owners of a Samsung Wave will no longer be able to navigate with their smartphone but will continue to have access to the worldwide map viewer. There is however a way to overcome this restriction. ROUTE 66 now offers Samsung Wave owners an upgrade where they can use the Route 66 software during the entire lifetime of the phone and they will receive 1 year free speed camera updates as a bonus.

Why upgrade ?

  • Enjoy navigation on the Samsung Wave during the entire lifetime of the phone and not only for 30 days.
  • Get 1 year free speed camera updates for the Samsung Wave and be able to avoid speed tickets.
  • Make the most out of the Samsung Wave by using also its built-in GPS satellite receiver.
  • Weekly updated speed camera’s for free.
  • For the price of one speeding ticket, this offer gives you more than 100% return on your investment.

To benefit from this campaign, owners of a Samsung Wave should simply go either to www.66.com/samsung/wave/help on their smartphone or to www.66.com/samsung on a desktop computer, select the country or region where they want to navigate and complete the transaction via the ROUTE 66 secure payment system.

Update: Owners of the new Samsung Wave II also benefit from this offer ! Read all details here: Free Route 66 for Samsung Wave II owners


bada is as “open” as windows… samsung has wanted to develop lot of application with cost zero in 4 months.. but bada is not open. You can´t modify de O.S at this moment. Every app you can find in samsung store waste.

What happens to all the People that BUY a lifetime license?

As far as I can see, those lucky enough to actually have the app installed on their Wave, still have to BUY their license anyway.

Already upgrade mine. AWESOME!.

BTW, for those in Singapore & Malaysia, there is a free navigation apps available “NAVFONE”. Here’s the link 🙂 http://www.samsungapps.com/topApps/topAppsDetail.as?productId=G00000076983&listYN=Y

hi, i have got samsung wave, i was trying to download the gps system couldnt find it in APPs, the only think i could download was the navbada which is only used for Singapore and Malaysia. i live in austrlia and i want to know how would i be able to download this appp to my mobile. i read all the instructions on Rout66 website, but i dont have that application that they are talking about on main menu. any1 can help me please, i would really appreciate it

Australia here too, nice new Wave, and can’t find that app anywhere either. Not much hope of “upgrading” if it’s not there in the first place.

Should have bought the Nokia like I was going to, just got sucked in with the pretty AMOLED screen instead.

but HOW can i buy this licence? I diddnt found ani links or webpages or anything … what should i do to buy it?

my gps is showing me just the country its showing me my position with a green dot but there are NO roads or citys …nothing …and i am still in that 30 days trial

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