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Updates for the Microsoft Surface Pro and Pro 2 are great and mostly good for your device. However sometimes it doesn’t always goes to well. It happened to me today with my Surface Pro 2. I knew a firmware update was available and I forced an update check using the control panel on my Surface Pro 2. The download was amazingly fast and the Surface Pro 2 started automatically a restart to finish the update. When the Surface Pro rebooted the opening screen was the splash start screen with the Surface Logo but with a line underneath telling me not to turn off the Surface Pro since it need to Read more

STM header

I have been looking for the most perfect bag to carry my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and extra gear along. Not too big and not too small, but with the right amount space and compartments. Well…the STM Velo 2 Small does seem to fit the bill. I have reviewed the Crumpler Moderate Embarrassment laptop bag a few days ago and this STM Velo 2 bag will give you a different experience. I will be looking at 11 inch bags soon to compare the usable space for the Surface pro 2 and its accessories. However, I am very impressed with the STM Velo 2 small laptop shoulder bag and this is Read more


Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine who said he lost his Red X in Outlook 2013. This Red X shows up if you hover over the right side of an email in the message preview list. I still had mine on my desktop. But today I looked on my Surface Pro 2 and indeed I lost mine there as well. Well after some research the fix is very easy. How to get the Red X back in Outlook 2013. Basically the problem occurs since that you have  Outlook 2013 installed on a touch screen enabled Windows Computer. You probably just got a new touch enabled computer and Read more


Did you upgrade your Surface Pro to Windows 8.1 and suddenly the previous registry hack to add more rows of tiles on the start screen isn’t working anymore? Well indeed that hack won’t work anymore and you will only have three rows of apps and everything will seem very big.  However Windows 8.1 has a setting now that will allow you to change the sizes of apps an text if your screen supports it. And the Microsoft Surface Pro does. Steps how to change the size of apps and text on the Start screen of the Microsoft Surface Pro. Make sure you are on the start screen mode. The screen Read more


Have you upgraded to Windows 8.1 already through MSDN or Technet? You have seen that you can have the same background in start as your wallpaper in your desktop mode! But you can’t seem to find it in the personalize settings. That’s right. It is kind of hidden, but I will show you in some easy steps how to activate this. Steps to make your desktop background also your Start background Option1 Make sure you are on the start screen mode. The screen showing the tiles. Bring up the setting charms and select settings by either: -Swiping your Finger from the right side of your screen and tapping settings charm Read more


Windows 8 has a great on screen keyboard but definitely can slow you down. The company Cootek from TouchPal already has a swiping predictive keyboard for the iPhone and Android phones. But Today they launched the first Windows 8 Predictive Slide Keyboard. If you are a previous Swipe user, you kind of know already what this keyboard will do for you. I have been using the beta version for awhile and just installed the final version and you are going to love it. In their press release they explain it nicely: TouchPal Keyboard runs on Windows 8 touchscreen tablets and any x86 based Windows 8 computer. Typing on a Windows 8 touchscreen device Read more


I really do love my Surface Pro and RT. But it has one small limitation. The build in kick stand can only be opened in one fixed position. The Surface Pro kick stand angle is already slightly adjusted compared to the Surface RT but again it is one position only. However I just got an accessory added to My Surface set up that just gives me a great extra flexibility in my viewing angle in two different ways. When I picked my Surface Pro last week a day after the release day (Blizzard Nemo 2103 conditions kept me at home) I also picked up the Microsoft Wedge Touch  Bluetooth Mouse (Surface edition). This great Read more

Sonos speakers

I have heard and read many times about the Sonos speaker system. But I wasn’t really familiar with it. After contacting the pr agency for Sonos and seeing them at a Pepcom event in NY City I was given the opportunity to test the Sonos Bridge and the Play:3. And after some small start up issues I am now pretty “Wowed” by Sonos. Why? Let me tell you. If you don’t Sonos yet you might want to know a little bit more about their system. The system is a Wireless HiFi system using your internet and network sources of music and radio. For example the music on your hardrives, and in the cloud like  Amazon Cloud. Read more


ProClip just posted their car mount holder for the Microsoft Surface RT on their site. For just $49.99 and a vehicle mount you can integrate the Surface RT to your liking in your car or even use this holder on a wall at home. ProClip is also taking email addresses from you if you want to get notified when the Nokia Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8X by HTC holders are ready. They are in a design stage now and are planned to be ready in the coming weeks, again just in time for your holiday shopping. If you don’t know ProClip USA yet you have to get to know them. Their products Read more