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Are you still one of those early adapters of the Zune Music Pass which is now the Xbox Music Pass and you have your 10 song credits a month. Well, now you can use these credits on your Windows Phone 8 with the  GDR3 Update. (Update 3). The great thing is that the download of the songs using these credits will be in the MP3 format in which you can share it right away with your family and friends. If you find a song on your Windows Phone 8 with Update 3 you can simply tap and hold the title and select “buy”. If this song allows credits to be Read more


To my surprise this morning on windowsphone.com I noticed that a new feature was visible in my account. besides Account settings, Find My Phone and Purchase History we now have also My Family. It looks like Microsoft is getting ready to give control to the parents for their kids using Windows Phone 8. But there are already many different family control systems in place. Is Microsoft gearing up to launch “My Family” across all their services? If you log on to your Windows Phone account on windowsphone.com and hover over your name on the right top you suddenly see a new feature called “My Family“. Since I have two kids and have them set Read more

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Windows Phone 8 has just launched and lets sum up what is new in Windows Phone 8. It doesn’t matter what phone you use right now, but you need to take a look at these new features in Windows Phone 8. Between Backup / Recovery and Xbox music this article will list all the new feature in Windows Phone 8. This article will give you a full listing of all the new features in Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 8 is the best Windows Phone yet with dozens of new and improved features. Backup When you use backup and recovery, the following information can be recovered if something happens to your Read more