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Windows 8 has a great on screen keyboard but definitely can slow you down. The company Cootek from TouchPal already has a swiping predictive keyboard for the iPhone and Android phones. But Today they launched the first Windows 8 Predictive Slide Keyboard. If you are a previous Swipe user, you kind of know already what this keyboard will do for you. I have been using the beta version for awhile and just installed the final version and you are going to love it. In their press release they explain it nicely: TouchPal Keyboard runs on Windows 8 touchscreen tablets and any x86 based Windows 8 computer. Typing on a Windows 8 touchscreen device Read more

I really do love my Surface Pro and RT. But it has one small limitation. The build in kick stand can only be opened in one fixed position. The Surface Pro kick stand angle is already slightly adjusted compared to the Surface RT but again it is one position only. However I just got an accessory added to My Surface set up that just gives me a great extra flexibility in my viewing angle in two different ways. When I picked my Surface Pro last week a day after the release day (Blizzard Nemo 2103 conditions kept me at home) I also picked up the Microsoft Wedge Touch  Bluetooth Mouse (Surface edition). This great Read more

If you are travelling to the United States or if you live in the United states you realize that Mobile data comes at huge cost. Many get charged international roaming data costs or if you live in the United Sates you get charged overages. In some cases you even have to pay your carrier to turn on the hotspot functionality on your phone just to be able to share your current data plan with other devices. Many have asked me over the years what is the best dataplan to get. Well there is a new player in town. Until now Virgin Mobile  was the first choice I would let people know to Read more

ProClip just posted their car mount holder for the Microsoft Surface RT on their site. For just $49.99 and a vehicle mount you can integrate the Surface RT to your liking in your car or even use this holder on a wall at home. ProClip is also taking email addresses from you if you want to get notified when the Nokia Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8X by HTC holders are ready. They are in a design stage now and are planned to be ready in the coming weeks, again just in time for your holiday shopping. If you don’t know ProClip USA yet you have to get to know them. Their products Read more

As I ran an system update on my Microsoft Surface this morning I had to fix my Wifi since after the reboot the Microsoft Surface RT didn’t see any of my wireless networks anymore.  And without internet connection the Microsoft Surface or any other Windows 8 computer is really useless.  I tried the easy way of searching for wifi but really gave me the only option to turn on flight mode and turn it back off. Well that didn’t do it. But I have found a way to fix it. Because without internet connection you have no way of installing another update or fix. The following steps below will guide you to Read more

Microsoft just opened up the Pre-order site for the 32 and 64 GB Surface with Windows 8 RT. The pricing starts at $499 for the 32 GB without the keyboard touch cover. The highest price will be the 64 GB Surface including the black touch cover and adding the surface type cover. Bringing it to $822. You can take a look at the pricing on the Microsoft store here. However the RT version will have some limitation and you might want to wait for the Surface with Windows 8 Pro on it. Inking with a digital pen would be one extra option you will get with the Surface Pro. But there are Read more

If you’ve ever lost your password to any given website, it can be extremely frustrating. I know I’ve had this happen to me many times. If you’re anyone like me, and think one password would suffice for everything, then this post is for you. Many websites have certain criteria as far as passwords go, and you may be forced to use a different password then you are used to, or your usual username might have already been taken, and you may have to resort to a totally unfamiliar and hard to remember username. It’s a pain in the neck to remember all of these. Wouldn’t it be nice to just Read more

Earlier this year Mark Briggeman reported about the SanDisk 32GB microSDHC memorycard and the fact that SanDisk was the first vendor to ship a memorycard of this storage size. In this article I will have a thorough look at the SanDisk Mobile Ultra 16GB microSDHC card with reader ! Unboxing the SanDisk Mobile Ultra 16GB microSDHC card The picture above shows you the retail package of the SanDisk Mobile Ultra 16GB microSDHC card with reader. On the left you can see the SanDisk Mobile Ultra microSDHC card in the plastic box, while on the right you can see the MobileMate micro card reader. Furthermore you can see an eye-catching yellow sticker Read more

The Gateway LT2104 Netbook has a wonderful 10.1 inch wide screen display perfect for on the go computing. With a crystal clear LED back-lit screen, this netbook is unmistakably one of the best ones on the market. This review will cover the make and software of the Gateway LT2104 Netbook Computer. User Experience The Gateway Netbook has a very attractive design with an ergonomic keyboard, and screen, measuring less than an inch thick and less than 3 pounds in weight. The keyboard for this netbook is perfect for the netbook’s size. The netbook itself is very small compared to the average laptop, yet the designers at Gateway made sure that Read more