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Today SPB Software released SPB Radio 1.0, an Internet radio player for Windows Phones. This article will have provide a short review of the SPB Radio application and guide you through the application in a step by step process. Background thoughts and product features SPB Software seems to be heavily investing in the online services and multimedia field lately, and developed applications like SPB Online and SPB TV. Both applications are aimed at multimedia content and can be used in the connected mobile scenario on the move. After launching the unique SPB TV application it makes sense to continue the multimedia spectrum with an internet radio player for Windows Phones. SPB Software summarizes the product Read more

Every mobile enthusiast who has bought a “new” car probably is familiar with the process of adapting the “new” car to the mobile devices and gadgets you own (and not vica versa). Personally I was searching for an easy to install custom-fit solution to dock and charge a smartphone, without having to put screws into the dashboard. My search ended with the ProClip 2 part solution, and the article below will describe the different pieces of the 2 part solution as well as the install process in the car.   On the screenshot above you can see that ProClip USA offers a mounting solution for a wide variety of mobile devices (from MP3 Read more

Yesterday Microsoft announced their Zune HD wich needs to bring some competition against the iPod Touch. The twitterpage of user “officethemovie”  already made a nice statement on May 11th with the tweets: June 2009 will be an important month for Zune lovers. and New product launch, that’s all I’m allowed to say. Hold off from buying an iPhone/Pre. 🙂 Yesterday Microsoft announced their new ZuneHD which must become the iPod Touch killer Some interesting facts about the new Zune HD: The new Zune HD has an 3.3″ OLED Touch Screen with a 480 x 272 resolution. The new Zune HD has HD Radio. The new Zune HD has HD video Read more

The SanDisk Sansa slotRadio player just came to the market after they announced the slotMusic for their existing  Sansa Fuze line of media players. The slotRadio player is a small simple media player which just allows you to listen to FM radio and your purchased slotRadio music (different than the slotMusic) If you don’t want to haggle with synchronization of your current music on your pc and hate listening to your favorite radio station with all those commercials, then the SanDisk Sansa slotRadio player with your favorite genre slotMusic is the perfect answer. It beats carrying bigger media players and satellite radio’s around. You can even connect it easy to Read more

Seskimo Crabbles is a multimedia device stand made so simple, cheap and is a must have for anyone who travels a lot and is tired of holding their media device in their hands. The Crabble is a wallet sized flat stand/cradle that is easy foldable to create the perfect viewing angle for you to watch your movie/podcast without holding your device. The Crabble has been designed to hold most phones and media players in the portrait or landscape position. Now you don’t need to use the magazines,newspapers, napkins or anything you can find on the airplane to prop your device in a viewable position on your tray. Now just use the Crabble Read more