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Jack Cook of Mobilitysite has put his thoughts together on the new Nokia E72. Here are some quotes from his review: Overall I have to say my experience with the E72 has been quite enjoyable.  It is a well built device that is comfortable to hold, easy to use and provides virtually everything you would want. Since I typically charge my devices every night when I return home, I decided as I was writing my thoughts to see if I could get away with a couple of days without charging … and I easily made that mark. I don’t want to spoil all the fun, so for the full review Read more

The HTC HD2, which features a massive 4.3″ capacitive screen, has been reviewed a few months ago in the article:  “HTC HD2 review – A new era in Windows Phones’ history“. The new era in Windows Mobile history is reflected in the use of capacitive screen technology and the resulting absense of a stylus which has dominated the mobile market for many years. Those among us who worked with the Palm III, Palm V, Compaq iPAQ 3650 or any later Windows Mobile PocketPC do exactly know what I’m talking about ! Since the launch of the first generation iPhone back in 2007 (which also featured a capacitive screen), the complete mobile Read more

In this article I will have a first look at a cool new approach in mobile application development for various mobile operating systems, developed by a company called Steape. “Steape has developed a unique innovative platform, via which it is pretty easy to build (highly advanced) applications in native language for five of the most common mobile operating systems: OSX (iPhone), Android, Symbian S60, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.”

In the last couple of years many different frequencies have been added to the confusion of the worldwide GSM (2G/Edge) and High Speed Data Networks (3G,HSDPA,UMTS) on cellular phones. Since we all love  to have the newest gadgets we would like to be one of the first. In the Windows Phone forums, where I moderate, many questions arise why my phone bought overseas is not connecting to the high speed data service in a specific country. Hopefully I will be able to guide you below to the answer and give you the specifics before you purchase your next Unlocked Phone to use at home or world wide. Well, many mobile devices are specially engineered Read more

Today Vodafone announces Vodafone 360, a suite of innovative internet services for mobile and pc. All of a customer’s contacts, status updates and messaging services are brought together in one place enhancing the customer’s experience and use of social media.  Customers will have integrated contacts, music, photos and mapping services and can share their favourite music choices and even their physical location, how and when they choose, with their chosen groups of friends. Connected address book – Vodafone People, open to everyone on any network  across over 100 popular mobile phones, automatically syncs all contacts from a customer’s phone, Facebook®, Windows  Live Messenger™ and Google Talk™ and will soon also Read more

Earlier this year Google released Google sync. Which allowed you to sync your Contact and Calendar items on your Google account. However you still needed to use the IMAP settings to get your e-mails in on your device. This was on a schedule and not push. The Google Mobile Blog is telling us that the Google Sync supports the push Google mail accounts (Gmail and Google mail for your own Domain) in conjunction with your contacts and calendar.  Using the exchange server settings on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and Windows Mobile devices and the upcoming Windows Phone devices you can, in one easy set up, connect your device to Google Read more

With the announcement of the Nokia Booklet 3G fresh in our memories a few days ago, today Nokia announced their new Linux-based smartphone; The Nokia N900. The Nokia N900 will be the first Nokia phone featuring the Meamo OS and when we’re looking at the specifications of this device we may conclude that these look very promising. With a 600MHz ARM Cortex Processor, 1GB of Application Memory and 3D graphics accelerator with OpenGL ES 2.0 support the device has at lease nice hardware specs. The internal storage of 32GB should be enough to store enough music and movies. This storage can be expanded by an Micro-SD card. Some other interesting Read more

This article will describe the most important facts of one of the largest global alliances in mobile industry between Microsoft and Nokia to Design, Develop and Market Mobile Productivity Solutions. The articles mixes slides, press information and own thoughts abouth this announcement, and possile implications. Yesterday we could already read on the Microsoft PressPass website: “Microsoft and Nokia to Hold Teleconference“, while Mobile Crunch reported that “Microsoft Office coming to Nokia handsets“,  followed today by a New York Times article “Microsoft to Put Office on Phones From Nokia”  just before the official annoucement. “Today, Microsoft Business Division President Stephen Elop and Nokia’s Executive Vice President for Devices Kai Öistämö announced the agreement, Read more

RIM (Research In Motion) just released a new model the Blackberry Tour. Right now the Blackberry Tour is available online with Verizon and Sprint for $199 with a 2 year contract. Verizon already has the Tour available in the stores. The key features compared to some other Blackberries are: World Phone Capabilities Enhanced Multimedia 3.2MP Camera GPS and Blackberry Maps Slimmer 14.2 mm profile 256 MB built -in memory Voice Input & Output more All in all the device feels good your hands and I love the keyboard with the trackball. But the features and specifications is what you would expect from any other phone these days.  What I do miss Read more

SPB Software just announced today that it will have their popular softwares pre-installed on the Pharos Pack Traveler 137.  Bundeling these popular softwares will give the Pharos cunsomer a “Wow” factor and add a lot of new features and functionality to the phone. The SPB Softwares that are going to be included in the bundle are: SPB Mobile Shell SPB Keyboard SPB TV The user experience on mobile devices is becoming so more important and manufacturers are using this to make the difference. HTC already are having their popular Touch Flo 3D user interface and the upcoming HTC Sense user interface as a shell on their devices.  Both for the Windows Mobile Read more