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Use any post paid At&T device to stream DirectTVnow with no data count on any Smartphone or tablet. There are many questions out there on the DirectTV forums if you will have the free data streaming if would use your At&t phone as a hotspot to stream the DirectTVnow app on another device. In short: Yes, but there are few requirements. Read more

If you are travelling to the United States or if you live in the United states you realize that Mobile data comes at huge cost. Many get charged international roaming data costs or if you live in the United Sates you get charged overages. In some cases you even have to pay your carrier to turn on the hotspot functionality on your phone just to be able to share your current data plan with other devices. Many have asked me over the years what is the best dataplan to get. Well there is a new player in town. Until now Virgin Mobile  was the first choice I would let people know to Read more

I have heard and read many times about the Sonos speaker system. But I wasn’t really familiar with it. After contacting the pr agency for Sonos and seeing them at a Pepcom event in NY City I was given the opportunity to test the Sonos Bridge and the Play:3. And after some small start up issues I am now pretty “Wowed” by Sonos. Why? Let me tell you. If you don’t Sonos yet you might want to know a little bit more about their system. The system is a Wireless HiFi system using your internet and network sources of music and radio. For example the music on your hardrives, and in the cloud like  Amazon Cloud. Read more

In the recent weeks after the iOS 6 upgrade I have been noticing a faster drain of the battery on my Apple iPad 2 and on my test device  iPhone 4.  However today I got an email which was work related that put me to an internet search to see if this was an issue with other consumers as well. Guess what, In my opinion Apple just wants you to buy in to their new iPhone 5 and it’s Lightning connector. After reading the comments on many sites including the Apple support site, Apple is in my opinion not having any sustainable policies in place and just want their customers Read more

If you’ve ever lost your password to any given website, it can be extremely frustrating. I know I’ve had this happen to me many times. If you’re anyone like me, and think one password would suffice for everything, then this post is for you. Many websites have certain criteria as far as passwords go, and you may be forced to use a different password then you are used to, or your usual username might have already been taken, and you may have to resort to a totally unfamiliar and hard to remember username. It’s a pain in the neck to remember all of these. Wouldn’t it be nice to just Read more

ProClip already had the tablet holders for the most popular brands. (Apple iPad 1 & 2, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc). However these holders are not always a good fit on your dashboard mounts. Many consumers use them in the back seat for entertainment. ProClip just launched their new line of Crash Tested Headrest Mounts for Tablets. Read more

Last week the iPad 2 from Apple launched here in the US. Ordering the iPad 2 online started at 4 AM eastern time. By 6 am delivery estimation was already changed to 3 weeks out.  There was no pre-ordering and store’s would sell them starting at 5 PM. These little restrictions made me believe that there is not enough stock to meet the anticipated demand. And guess what. I think I was right. But do you really need the iPad 2 if you already have an iPad 1? I was able to get my hands on a 32 GB white iPad 2 from my neighbor who was “lucky” enough that Read more

Today Apple announced the iPad. Just like last year I’m going to share my thoughts on the iPad 2 today. As usual, there were a lot of rumors before the actual announcement. A camera, a better processor and a better display were all among those rumors. Here’s the actual list what has been updated / improved on the new iPad 2. First I’ll go through the facts, and a bit later in the article you can read about my personal thoughts on the iPad 2 Updated / improved features 1. First of all the iPad 2 has got a new Processor. The A5-chip is up to 2 times faster and Read more