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Just before the launch of the new Apple iPhone 5S and 5C we are getting a glimpse of some of the colors of the iPhone 5C. The images are from a case manufacturer showing their clear case and exposing some colors of the new  cheaper iPhone. As you can see below the case manufacturer Luvitt shows their Clear case for the iPhone 5C exposing the Aqua Blue and Pink color of the cheaper soon to be announced Apple iPhone 5C. In a few hours we will know what all the possible colors will be.   Exposed here.


Samsung just announced at IFA 2013 in Berlin their first Smartwatch the Samsung Galaxy Gear. According to the announcement the Galaxy Gear will be available in over 140 countries worldwide starting September the 25th. Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition) and soon with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy SIII after the software upgrade available in October 2013. Features From the image below you can see that the casing is in brushed stainless steel. The wrist bands are in 6 vibrant colors. Always connected to your Samsung Galaxy phones and family and friends. Raise your hand to your ear and you can answer Read more


If you haven’t read it yet, your read it now! Nokia was bought by Microsoft. Of course Apple has it own phone hardware division. Google bought Motorola for it’s phone hardware division (still using Asus for tablet though) and Microsoft needed to find the right partner to make Windows Phone successful and become a staple. Well. This is how I see it played out…… Microsoft bought Nokia’s phone business for $7.2 billion to secure to rising future of the Windows Phone business plan. Hey! Google did it with Motorola. But I think ther purchase was too early since Motorola had limited world market penetration. As of last month, Motorola phones Read more

Otterbox Lumia 1020 150

I just received an OtterBox case for the Nokia Lumia 1020, and now I truly feel like my phone is indestructible. As always, this defender case comes standard with OtterBox’s three layers of protection, built to withstand bumps, drops, and shocks, and anything else which might cross its path. Right off of the bat, I have to say that if you want to use this case, make sure you want to use it for a LONG time. Getting this case apart without the phone in it is a challenge in and of itself. Once my Lumia 1020 was in there, the only feasible way to remove it from the case Read more


I just received my Chromecast in the mail and of course had to set up right away. I used my iPad Mini to set it up to identify with the right wireless network and tried all my options. I used a Windows Desktop, Laptop, Android (Samsung Galaxy S4) and the iOS  (iPad Mini) device. If you were early enough you could have gotten this device for just $11 after getting 3 month worth of free Netflix. Even if you were a current user. But unfortunately the stopped with this promotion Well it is a good start but it is lacking in one specific area I wasn’t expecting. Set-up The easy Read more

att locke fix 150

I wrote a few days ago about the get the free 50 GB cloud storage for your high-resolution picture on your Nokia Lumia 1020 or any other Windows Phone. However there are some reports that the app crashes when you are trying to launch it. And yes, you are not the only one. But my son Matthijs actually found the fix for this. If you have the problem that the AT&T Locke a pp on your Windows Phone is not launching anymore, we have the fix for you. You probably went to the Background task in the application settings and turned off the AT&T Locker app so it wouldn’t allow Read more

Nokia Pro Cam 150

I have my Nokia Lumia 1020 now for about half a day and I love the Nokia Pro Cam app. However using the camera button to instantly wake up the camera app is not really working as it supposed to be. By default the Nokia Pro Cam app is the default lens on your Nokia Lumia 1020 camera app. It launches fine each time with the camera button when your phones screen is turned off. However there is one instance it won’t wake up right away as it supposed to do like with the default Windows Phone 8 camera app. When you use a pin to unlock your phone the Read more

lumia color profile 150

Well, I just received my Nokia Lumia 1020 and noticed how more vibrant the Yellow tiles were on my home screen. I really thought this is a great improvement on the screen quality. However hidden somewhere in the settings is a special Nokia setting that allows you to change the vibrancy of  the colors on your Nokia Lumia 1020. First I thought it was possible to change the tint of one specific theme color in the theme settings, but nope, it wasn’t possible. So then I allowed myself to think that the quality of the screen which now is AMOLED was so much better compared to my Nokia Lumia 920 Read more


Google just announced their Chromecast device. This dongle will plug-in to one of your HDMI ports on yourHD TV and will let you stream from Google Play, Youtube, Netfilx and Chrome and control with your existing smartphone, tablet or laptop. However this $35 piece of streaming equipment comes with a special Netflix deal that could basically get you this device for free. If you are already a current Netflix user you can get save yourself three months of payments. Which is close to the price of this device. Are you interested. Get all the details here. *Once your Chromecast ships, you will recieve an email with a promotional code for Read more

Nokia Lumia 1020 Candy Shell case 150

I was just browsing Ebay to see for how much those Nokia Lumia 1020, that appeared as demo units in the AT&T store would go for. But I noticed that there is a Candy Shell  type case listed for the Nokia Lumia 1020 for just $5. Not only that, they kind of promise a delivery on or before Wednesday July 24th. However I am a little leery about this since that most times these cheap, but good, cases come from Asia and take a while before you see it your mailbox. The cases come in 7 possible covers for $5.09 each with free standard shipping. The colors are : Black Read more