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I have been looking for the most perfect bag to carry my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and extra gear along. Not too big and not too small, but with the right amount space and compartments. Well…the STM Velo 2 Small does seem to fit the bill. I have reviewed the Crumpler Moderate Embarrassment laptop bag a few days ago and this STM Velo 2 bag will give you a different experience. I will be looking at 11 inch bags soon to compare the usable space for the Surface pro 2 and its accessories. However, I am very impressed with the STM Velo 2 small laptop shoulder bag and this is Read more


Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine who said he lost his Red X in Outlook 2013. This Red X shows up if you hover over the right side of an email in the message preview list. I still had mine on my desktop. But today I looked on my Surface Pro 2 and indeed I lost mine there as well. Well after some research the fix is very easy. How to get the Red X back in Outlook 2013. Basically the problem occurs since that you have  Outlook 2013 installed on a touch screen enabled Windows Computer. You probably just got a new touch enabled computer and Read more

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I’m always on the look out for a great bag that can comfortably, safely get me and my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro with the necessary accessories and somewhat more comfortable and safely to my destinations. The Crumpler Moderate Embarrassment laptop bag is my first laptop bag I will be reviewing in my search to my best travel bag for my Surface Pro 2. The review sample from Crumpler arrived swiftly after researching their site and I decided on the 13″ Crumpler Moderate Embarrassment laptop bag to review. I have been trying some of the iPad bags for the Surface Pro 2 but they all seem just to Read more

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Are you still one of those early adapters of the Zune Music Pass which is now the Xbox Music Pass and you have your 10 song credits a month. Well, now you can use these credits on your Windows Phone 8 with the  GDR3 Update. (Update 3). The great thing is that the download of the songs using these credits will be in the MP3 format in which you can share it right away with your family and friends. If you find a song on your Windows Phone 8 with Update 3 you can simply tap and hold the title and select “buy”. If this song allows credits to be Read more


Since the launch of Windows Phone 7 it was very hard to get your custom ringtones on your Windows Phone. You either had to use an app to find the one you wanted and liked or you had to make one yourself with all those nitty and gritty requirements and use somehow your desktop Zune application to get it on your device. However with Windows Phone 8 you can easily get your favorite ringtone on your device. Let explain this to you. In Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7.5, media transfer between a phone and a computer is performed with Zune software. In Windows Phone 8, media transfer between Read more

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One of the new features on Windows Phone 8 with update 3 (GDR 3) is the opportunity to turn on the driving mode when connected with specific Bluetooth connections like your vehicle. This feature enables you to ignore text and or calls. I see this as a welcomed feature to enable safer conditions on the road with those less distractions. In my earlier article I explained that you can get the Windows Phone 8 update 3 on your developer unlocked Windows Phone 8. This feature will be standard in all new released Windows Phone 8 hardware. If you want this you can easily get a $19 developer account and bypass Read more

Staad backpack

I have been a longtime fan of Waterfield SF Bags, cases and sleeves. Their quality and design have been outstanding and worth the cost of their products. The Staad backpack is the first long-anticipated backpack for WaterField designs. I am looking forward in reviewing this backpack since it could be the ultimate minimalist backpack for our slim devices. I currently use their Ultimate SleeveCase made for the Microsoft Surface Pro. Designed to flow easily from casual to professional office environments, the Staad’s refined masculine look delivers an immediate fashion upgrade. Its stream-lined exterior and thoughtfully-organized interior snugly secure a Mac or commensurate laptop and an iPad or tablet plus accessories—all Read more


Did you upgrade your Surface Pro to Windows 8.1 and suddenly the previous registry hack to add more rows of tiles on the start screen isn’t working anymore? Well indeed that hack won’t work anymore and you will only have three rows of apps and everything will seem very big.  However Windows 8.1 has a setting now that will allow you to change the sizes of apps an text if your screen supports it. And the Microsoft Surface Pro does. Steps how to change the size of apps and text on the Start screen of the Microsoft Surface Pro. Make sure you are on the start screen mode. The screen Read more


Have you upgraded to Windows 8.1 already through MSDN or Technet? You have seen that you can have the same background in start as your wallpaper in your desktop mode! But you can’t seem to find it in the personalize settings. That’s right. It is kind of hidden, but I will show you in some easy steps how to activate this. Steps to make your desktop background also your Start background Option1 Make sure you are on the start screen mode. The screen showing the tiles. Bring up the setting charms and select settings by either: -Swiping your Finger from the right side of your screen and tapping settings charm Read more