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Yesterday we got a nice note in from our MobilityMinded AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro winner Pierre Aterianus. Below is a quote that he wanted to share with us. Here’s a picture of me enjoying my new AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro which I won in your recent online contest. Sure is nice having a pop-out full qwerty keypad to answe my messages. The screen is reallysharp, Windows 6.1 and a 3G network,wow. Sincerely, Pierre Aterianus. These are the kind of e-mails I like seeing. Thank you again to AT&T and Pantech for allowing us to have this contest. The Pantech Matrix Pro is available  for $99 with a two year subscription Read more

Boston Power is at it again. The 4 year old company located in Westborough, Mass is scheduled to hold a press conference this Monday June 1st, 2009 in Auburn, MA where it proposes to build a factory to make lithium-ion batteries for laptops and electric cars. We have been covering Boston Power since we met them at CntrStg during CES 2009 about their great Sonata battery that came to the market at with the Enviro batteries for the major consumer HP notebooks. Going green is their their vision is durable and  longer lasting batteries that maintain their capacity. In line with their green vision they don’t want to waist any of Read more

The long awaited successor of the HTC Touch Pro has finally been released to the public. Only  two days ago I received an email from Clove Technology informing me they had the HTC Touch Pro2 on stock,  almost one month before it would be released in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe ! I ordered it straight away and had it delivered to me in one day thanks to FedEx Priority. I grabbed it from the FedEx delivery guy’s hands (sorry about that!) and started unwrapping. It is always a lot of fun unpacking a brand new device which you have only seen on pictures. What will it look Read more

TomTom users from the first hour might remember that the TomTom car-navigation on the Windows Mobile PocketPC was one of the features that gave the PDA market a great boost in terms of growth (at least in the Netherlands). During the “Shaping the future of Navigation” event back in 2008, some projection figures shown (1) the largest revenues come from the personal navigation devices (PND), and (2) the smartphone market is an opportunity providing growth in the upcoming years. Announcement “TomTom will offer TomTom NAVIGATOR 7, its navigation software solution for selected smartphones, via its web shop – www.tomtom.com/navigator7. The microSD card will be sold and shipped with the map Read more

ScotteVest jackets have been around for a couple of years and I was a proud owner of the first line of jackets they had. Back then it was a great design and concept. Over the last couple of years the design has been perfected. In the video review below I will go in on those improvements in more detail. In the end I also have some advise as well.  The ScotteVest jacket that I am wearing is the SeV Evolution Jacket. The quote below really sums it up very nicely. This jacket represents a true evolution in our design. If you had just one all-purpose, waterproof breathable jacket, this would Read more

Back in September 2008 the suspension of the Smartphone & PocketPC Magazine was announced as well as the start of the iPhone Life Magazine. With the second issue of iPhone Life on the market, I would like to have detailed look at this magazine and “compare” it to the Smarphone & PocketPC Magazine: A kind of “magazine-clash” between the Apple iPhone OS and the  Windows Mobile platform. Furthermore a look at the online resources and a final wrap-up will complete te article. “Last week sad news arrived from Hal Golstein, the publisher of Smartphone & PocketPC magazine. After 11 years of hard work, devotion and commitment to the Windows Mobile platform, Read more

Yesterday Microsoft announced their Zune HD wich needs to bring some competition against the iPod Touch. The twitterpage of user “officethemovie”  already made a nice statement on May 11th with the tweets: June 2009 will be an important month for Zune lovers. and New product launch, that’s all I’m allowed to say. Hold off from buying an iPhone/Pre. Yesterday Microsoft announced their new ZuneHD which must become the iPod Touch killer Some interesting facts about the new Zune HD: The new Zune HD has an 3.3″ OLED Touch Screen with a 480 x 272 resolution. The new Zune HD has HD Radio. The new Zune HD has HD video output Read more

Last week we received the new AT&T Samsung Jack Windows Mobile 6.1 device. My previous article has a quick unbox-video to see what is in the box. It is currently only available through AT&T for $99 with a two year contract and a $100 rebate. Below is my review video with my impressions of the new AT&T Samsung Jack . A couple of great features I forgot to mention in the video are listed here: Quick dedicated access buttons for GPS, Silent Profile, Camera, and Mail Extra Camera features like Smile Shot and Mosaic Shot Tap and hold the home button will bring up your task manager. lighted keyboard

Many of you travel a lot and most of the time you should be able to connect through a Hotspot or Wifi network to read your email, surf the web or catch up with Twitter. Recently, when traveling to Sweden, I already found out that there was no Hotspot or Wifi service at the park we were staying. As I have a Dutch carrier, roaming costs were quite high if I used it in Sweden. The average price is around 10 Euros per Megabyte. With these prices you have to be very careful what you do, otherwise you are not happy when you receive your monthly bill… So I had Read more

Over the last few months Google has been really innovating creating some nice applications for their android platform. One of the newest applications is Google Sky Map. Google Sky Map is a great application for everyone who like to look at the stars and who want to know which star they are watching at. I’ve been using Google Sky Map on the T-mobile G1 and I must say it really impresses me a lot! Due to the internal GPS receiver, the G1 knows what the location is. The digital compas knows in what direction the G1 is pointed at and the G-sensor knows how the phone is tilted. These three Read more