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If you are travelling to the United States or if you live in the United states you realize that Mobile data comes at huge cost. Many get charged international roaming data costs or if you live in the United Sates you get charged overages. In some cases you even have to pay your carrier to turn on the hotspot functionality on your phone just to be able to share your current data plan with other devices. Many have asked me over the years what is the best dataplan to get. Well there is a new player in town. Until now Virgin Mobile  was the first choice I would let people know to Read more

It has happened to many iPhone users. Suddenly your iPhone is draining very quickly, even without using the iPhone at all. This has happened to my iPhone now for two times. On many blogs and forums people are complaining about it and many tips are given but not a real good answer to the sudden quick drain of your battery.  Below are these tips to save on battery power but won’t fix the sudden extreme drainage of your battery. We have changed the title to include Android and Windows Phone devices now as well. We experienced the same battery drain on other mobile platforms. It seems that the exchange sync funtion (possibly Read more

The Nokia Booklet 3G is an out of their line-up product. We all know Nokia well as a mobile phone manufacturer. The Nokia Booklet 3G is a netbook with the option to add your own Sim card with a data plan to have a 3G connection. Besides the possible 3G connection it also has Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity. The Nokia Booklet arrives in a beautiful blue box with a raised impression of the Booklet 3G on the top. A sleeve slides out on one of the sides. In this Sleeve is located: the Nokia Booklet 3G mobile device Nokia Headset WH-205 Nokia Battery Nokia AC/DC power adaptor (I had to Read more

Since I own my iPhone 3GS, I’ve only come up with one downside: Its battery life. When the day is long I really need to be careful not to use the iPhone a lot, because the battery might not make it through the whole day. The Morphie Juice Pack Air is a solution to this problem. Extra Battery & Protective Case The Morphie Juice Pack Air is not only an extra battery for your iPhone. It is also a protective case. When you think about protective cases; you think of extra size and weight. And Yes, the Morphie Juice Pack Air adds weight and size to your iPhone. To put Read more

In the last couple of years many different frequencies have been added to the confusion of the worldwide GSM (2G/Edge) and High Speed Data Networks (3G,HSDPA,UMTS) on cellular phones. Since we all love  to have the newest gadgets we would like to be one of the first. In the Windows Phone forums, where I moderate, many questions arise why my phone bought overseas is not connecting to the high speed data service in a specific country. Hopefully I will be able to guide you below to the answer and give you the specifics before you purchase your next Unlocked Phone to use at home or world wide. Well, many mobile devices are specially engineered Read more

Today the developer of the Tweetie iPhone application published a blogpost about his new project: Tweetie 2.0.  Tweetie is one of the most popular paid iPhone twitter applications, mainly because Tweetie had a clean, no-nonsense interface. The developer says about how his life changed after bringing the first version of Tweetie to the AppStore A few people bought it. Then a few more bought it. Then I realized this App Store thing was actually pretty popular, and ($2.99 – 30%) x enough people = a living. So I dropped everything and devoted every working minute since to Tweetie. In the last year the developer not only developed the Tweetie application Read more

A couple days ago we announced the availability of the Navigon North America Navigation software for the iPhone. We have gotten a review copy for evaluation and below is my review of this easy to use Navigon North America Navigation for the iPhone. Download and Installation Be prepared for big download. When purchasing I suggest doing this in the iTunes store on your desktop or laptop with high speed internet connection. The app is going to to be 1.3 GB. The download itself will take some time as well. If you are like me and want to try new things right away this is a disappointment. However the file has this size because it Read more

Navigon just announced yesterday that their iPhone GPS Navigation for North America is available in the app store. If you are not familiar with Navigon. I suggest you will. The Navigon user interface was always attractive and very good on the Windows Mobile Phones and on their own Personal Navigation Devices. Now they have made the step to get this successful Navigation software on the iPhone as well. And they are in the app store before their biggest competition does. The Navigon MobileNavigator North America is on sale now for $69.99 in the App store until August 15. After that the price will go up to $99.99. The Navigon MobileNavigator Read more