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Samsung just announced at IFA 2013 in Berlin their first Smartwatch the Samsung Galaxy Gear. According to the announcement the Galaxy Gear will be available in over 140 countries worldwide starting September the 25th. Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition) and soon with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy SIII after the software upgrade available in October 2013. Features From the image below you can see that the casing is in brushed stainless steel. The wrist bands are in 6 vibrant colors. Always connected to your Samsung Galaxy phones and family and friends. Raise your hand to your ear and you can answer Read more


SmrtWtch just soft launched their new site focused on the new trend: ” SmartWatches”.  Most of us heard rumors of the iWatch and also that Google and Microsoft are working on their secret smartwatch projects. However there are already some great smartwatches on the market and the first baby steps have been made Like Pebble. Now the Kreyos Meteor has reached amazing funding through Indiegogo. And the specifications don’t lie about it either. The Kreyos Meteor  is one of the first Smartwatch that will support all 3 major platforms. iOS, Android and Yes. Windows Phone 8. The great extra benefit of the Kreyos Meteor is that the wristband can be swapped out Read more

Lg optimus G 150

In the last couple of weeks I have been using the LG Optimus G on the AT&T network. Most of you know I have a Windows Phone as my main device since all the Android devices won’t give me a “Wow” factor anymore. Ok the Samsung Galaxy S III still has some wow to it. But the design, performance and added functionality in the LG Optimus G is making this a Flagship device for me on the Android platform. The technical specifications are on upper side compared to other android devices, but the user experience is what really sets this device apart from its competitors. I will explain a little Read more


Verizon’s second 4G LTE phone to be launched is the Samsung Droid Charge. After the launch of the HTC ThunderBolt Verizon is having some small issues with the stability of the LTE network. This might be the reason why the official launch date of the Samsung Droid Charge has been moved from April 28th to “Coming Soon“. With an 8 megapixel camera and a 1.3  megapixel front facing camera in combination with the Super Amoled Plus Display and a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor this Samsung promises to be a buzzing device to have.   Unboxing The video below will give you a good impression how the device looks and feels.