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Just before the launch of the new Apple iPhone 5S and 5C we are getting a glimpse of some of the colors of the iPhone 5C. The images are from a case manufacturer showing their clear case and exposing some colors of the new  cheaper iPhone. As you can see below the case manufacturer Luvitt shows their Clear case for the iPhone 5C exposing the Aqua Blue and Pink color of the cheaper soon to be announced Apple iPhone 5C. In a few hours we will know what all the possible colors will be.   Exposed here.

In the recent weeks after the iOS 6 upgrade I have been noticing a faster drain of the battery on my Apple iPad 2 and on my test device  iPhone 4.  However today I got an email which was work related that put me to an internet search to see if this was an issue with other consumers as well. Guess what, In my opinion Apple just wants you to buy in to their new iPhone 5 and it’s Lightning connector. After reading the comments on many sites including the Apple support site, Apple is in my opinion not having any sustainable policies in place and just want their customers Read more

After last weeks announcement of the Apple iPhone 5 there are many opinions floating around the web. Besides a longer screen on the iPhone 5 there are not too many other exiting improvements. It looks like the trend setter of the smartphone has lost it edge and is now trailing behind of the already launched Samsung Galaxy S III and the upcoming Nokia Lumia 920. Samsung and Nokia know it and want to let us know as well. Now we need to get a public awareness from HTC as well. It definitely looks like that Apple fell really short and is missing the “Wow” factor on their latest announcement of the iPhone 5.  Many Read more

ProClip already had the tablet holders for the most popular brands. (Apple iPad 1 & 2, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc). However these holders are not always a good fit on your dashboard mounts. Many consumers use them in the back seat for entertainment. ProClip just launched their new line of Crash Tested Headrest Mounts for Tablets. Read more

Today Apple announced the iPad. Just like last year I’m going to share my thoughts on the iPad 2 today. As usual, there were a lot of rumors before the actual announcement. A camera, a better processor and a better display were all among those rumors. Here’s the actual list what has been updated / improved on the new iPad 2. First I’ll go through the facts, and a bit later in the article you can read about my personal thoughts on the iPad 2 Updated / improved features 1. First of all the iPad 2 has got a new Processor. The A5-chip is up to 2 times faster and Read more