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Use any post paid At&T device to stream DirectTVnow with no data count on any Smartphone or tablet. There are many questions out there on the DirectTV forums if you will have the free data streaming if would use your At&t phone as a hotspot to stream the DirectTVnow app on another device. In short: Yes, but there are few requirements. Read more

I wrote a few days ago about the get the free 50 GB cloud storage for your high-resolution picture on your Nokia Lumia 1020 or any other Windows Phone. However there are some reports that the app crashes when you are trying to launch it. And yes, you are not the only one. But my son Matthijs actually found the fix for this. If you have the problem that the AT&T Locke a pp on your Windows Phone is not launching anymore, we have the fix for you. You probably went to the Background task in the application settings and turned off the AT&T Locker app so it wouldn’t allow Read more

I wrote an article earlier this week explaining how the storage management works on the new Nokia Lumia 1020 since it stores a 38 and a 5 MP file of the images you take with the integrated Pro Camera Lens app.  Well it turns out that the 38 MP version of your main image you will take can only be backed up by copy and pasting it from your device while connected as a drive to your PC.  All the other versions of that images will  be backed-up to your SkyDrive. However if you have an AT&T Windows Phone, AT&T has their own SkyDrive  like service called AT&T Locker. AT&T Read more

Today I was present at the launch of the new highly anticipated Nokia Lumia 1020. You probably have read and seen already many article from my colleagues at WPCentral and WMPoweruser. However I was able to talk to a product manager and tested and talked more into depth about how the storage and back up works on these amazing high resolution pictures. First of all the the camera will take only these high resolution pictures with the Pro Camera Lens app. This lens app will give you full control on many levels similar to a DSLR camera.  The Nokia Lumia 1020 simultaneously takes a high resolution 38 megapixel image, and Read more

In a press release earlier today from AT&T about the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 availability it was also noted that the Windows Phone 8X by HTC will be available in the stores before the Thanksgiving holidays. The Windows Phone 8X by HTC will be available in the standard size but will have a special AT&T model. Update after the break Update: instead of just before Thanksgiving the HTC 8X will be available on November 9th as well just like the Nokia Lumia 920 Before Thanksgiving, customers can pick-up the Windows Phone® 8X by HTC® with 16 GB of memory for $199.99.  Additionally, AT&T revealed an exclusive version of the Windows Phone Read more

AT&T just launched it big campaign letting consumer know that their 4G network is the fastest and most reliable. The HTC Inspire 4gis their first phone promoted to their customers on the 4G network that also will have a build-in WiFi Hotspot application. Since the loss of the exclusivity of the Apple iPhone AT&Tis working hard on giving their customers extra value. There was a promotion for an extra 1000 roll over minutes, some iPhone customers were allowed to switch back to the unlimited data plan again. And the upcoming iPhone 4 update would have the Wifi Hotspot application accessible. But you don’t have to wait for this because the HTC Inspire 4G Read more

We received from Samsung the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S Phone the Samsung Captivate. The Samsung Galaxy S will be available in the rest of the world as the Galaxy S and in the United States with AT&T as the Samsung Captivate, T-Mobile as the Samsung Vibrant, Verizon as the Samsung Facinate and with Sprint as the Samsung Epic 4G. All the Samsung Galaxy S devices have different look and features. The CDMA devices (Verizon and Sprint) have a slide out landscape keyboard for example. Out of the Box My first impression out of the box was the sleek design and the total black screen while the device is Read more

AT&T HTC Aria Review

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The HTC Aria is the first HTC Google Android device with AT&T.  The HTC Aria is now available at the AT&T stores. In the online store there is an extra $100 discount which brings the price down to $129.99 with a 2 year contract. If you look at new line of HTC Google Android devices like the HTC Droid Incredible from Verizon, HTC Desire and the HTC Legend, you will come across the same user interface. “The HTC Sense“. The latest version allows you to have 7 home screens and adds pinch zoom on the home screen to navigate between the 7  different home screens and the pinch zoom will work Read more