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I did review the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt last week. During this week I have been using this first LTE device from Verizon and did notice a quick power consumption on this device. There are many other reports from users and reviewers having the same problem. LTE is not widely available yet, but the huge power consumption seems to be affecting users in the non-LTE covered area as well as in the LTE covered area. The HTC ThunderBolt has no settings for turning off the LTE signal on the device to see if this is the cause of the fast battery drainage. I was lucky enough to get my hands on Read more

I really like iOS4 – It gives me a lot features I use every single day (Every hour to be quite honest). But there’s one major downside to iOS 4: It’s batterylife. The iPhone’s battery life never really was very good – Therefore I bought a Morphie Juice Pack Air last year, but with iOS4 on the iPhone 3GS the battery drain is significantly more than iPhone OS 3.1.2. Eventhough Johan already posted a nice post with a few tips how to keep your battery drain at a low level, I thought it would be good to share this tip as well. I think the battery drain mainly is because of Read more

It has happened to many iPhone users. Suddenly your iPhone is draining very quickly, even without using the iPhone at all. This has happened to my iPhone now for two times. On many blogs and forums people are complaining about it and many tips are given but not a real good answer to the sudden quick drain of your battery.  Below are these tips to save on battery power but won’t fix the sudden extreme drainage of your battery. We have changed the title to include Android and Windows Phone devices now as well. We experienced the same battery drain on other mobile platforms. It seems that the exchange sync funtion (possibly Read more

Boston-Power is a company we have been following for a while due to their great technology in improving Batteries. Today I got an press release from them stating that HP has a new Long Life battery that now standard is included in the HP Pavilion dv8 series in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The HP Long Life Battery in the US is available as a configurable option in the v4, dv6 and the HDX18. THis HP Long Life Battery is based on Boston-Power’s Sonata next-generation lithium-ion battery cells, HP’s Long Life Battery (formerly named the Enviro Series) delivers like-new performance for 1,000 charge/recharge cycles. That’s three to five times longer Read more

Since I own my iPhone 3GS, I’ve only come up with one downside: Its battery life. When the day is long I really need to be careful not to use the iPhone a lot, because the battery might not make it through the whole day. The Morphie Juice Pack Air is a solution to this problem. Extra Battery & Protective Case The Morphie Juice Pack Air is not only an extra battery for your iPhone. It is also a protective case. When you think about protective cases; you think of extra size and weight. And Yes, the Morphie Juice Pack Air adds weight and size to your iPhone. To put Read more

Today Apple announced the iPhone 3GS on the WWDC in San Francisco. In this article a shot wrap-up about what has been announced today. Speed The new iPhone 3GS is not really different from the “normal” 3G. The “S” stands for speed: The iPhone 3GS is over 2 times faster than the normal 3G in most applications. Camera The camera of the iPhone 3G is a 2 Megapixel camera. From day 1 people have been complaining about camera. So Apple built in a new camera in the iPhone 3GS. The new camera is a 3 Megapixel camera with autofocus AND with this camera it is also possible to record videos. Read more

Boston Power is at it again. The 4 year old company located in Westborough, Mass is scheduled to hold a press conference this Monday June 1st, 2009 in Auburn, MA where it proposes to build a factory to make lithium-ion batteries for laptops and electric cars. We have been covering Boston Power since we met them at CntrStg during CES 2009 about their great Sonata battery that came to the market at with the Enviro batteries for the major consumer HP notebooks. Going green is their their vision is durable and  longer lasting batteries that maintain their capacity. In line with their green vision they don’t want to waist any of Read more

Boston Power and HP are Celebrating Earth Day together. As a strong believer in making the earth a greener place I think it will be good again to let you know about the great new battery HP has available that can last three years. These batteries are the Boston-Power Enviro series notebook batteries. Besides lasting longer on a single charge and in a lifetime, it also takes less energy to recharge it and it will not loose it’s value in battery power over time with many recharges. Boston-Power is a great company that is behind this battery and as a special, the price has been reduced from $149.99 to $119.99 Read more

2 weeks ago Jack Cook (ExperienceMobility.com), Steven Hughes(BostonPocketPC.com) and I went to visit Boston-Power. We had an amazing time there. They showed how the company was made and what their vision is for the future. We first met Christina Lampe-Onnerud and Boston-Power at CntrStg during the CES 2009 in Las Vegas. The news today is that they have their green, longer lasting batteries technology now available to consumers with HP notebooks. See the full press release below; “Boston-Power’s longer lasting, Ecolabel-certified battery technology, Sonata, is available to consumer notebook PC customers starting today via HP. New HP batteries based on Sonata technology are available as accessories for 18 existing notebook Read more