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If you are familiar with Dropbox, you might have noticed that you cannot access Dropbox directly from Windows Mobile, but only from the web-version. Developer Ruttensoft has developed a beta version of Dropbox for Windows Mobile, which is the missing frontend for Dropbox and gives you access to all your files and folders in the Cloud. It runs on all Windows Mobile 5 and higher versions and all these resolutions are supported: 320×240, 240×320, 640×480, 480×640, 800×480, 480×800, 320×320. Like most programs you need the .NET Compact Framework 3.5 installed to run it. Features Below you can see the current feature list. The application is still under development and a Read more

Recently the first Foursquare client, named WinMoSquare showed up in Microsoft’s Marketplace. For those of you, who don’t know what Foursquare is, here is a brief description of the Foursquare principle: People use Foursquare to “check-in”, which is a way of telling your whereabouts. When you check-in someplace, Foursquare tells your friends where they can find you and recommend places to go & things to do nearby. People check-in at all kind of places – cafes, bars, restaurants, parks, homes, offices. Think of Foursquare as an “urban mix tape.” Foursquare helps you make lists of your favorite things to do and let you share them with friends. Foursquare will keep Read more