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Many people have either a Gmail account or a Google Mail account for their own domain. However, the quick Gmail set-up on some phones only brings in your emails from your Gmail or Google mail account and not your contacts and calendar items.  This article will show you that it is possible to sync your Gmail- Google mail,  contacts and calendar items onto your device using the Corporate Exchange protocol. The advantage of using this protocol on an Android device is that you are able to change the sync settings to a specific time frame instead of the only Push setting in the standard “add Google account” on the Android devices. This can save Read more

Today Apple Announced the new iteration of it’s iPhone OS.  iPhone OS 4.0 gets over 100 new features. 7 of them were demoed by Steve Jobs, Scott Forstall and Phil Schiller on stage in Cupertino. Besides that the new iPhone OS 4.0 delivers over 1500 new APIs for developers. Developers now have the possibility to enhance their application with functions like access calendar, In-app SMS, Photo Library Access, Quick Look, Spell Check and many more new features. I’ll go through the 7 features which were demoed today. Multitasking The first feature demoed was multitasking. To be quite direct: Multitasking is only going to be available for iPhone 3GS and iPad Read more

Today HTC announced the next, but much anticipated Android powered device called “HTC Hero”. Despite the fact that this device contains some excellent improvements and innovations in hardware, like the teflon coating. The main bulk of innovations is software related. HTC brings for instance multi touch to the Android devices, but the most rocking and groundbreaking is the new user interface which will be on every new HTC device (not limited to one platform), and has been given the great name HTC Sense.This article is a short but powerful summary based on the live coverage of the HTC event in London, thepress release of the HTC Hero and the early Read more