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Facebook for Windows Phone has been a great added app for the Windows Phone. The official Facebook app is a great app if you want another nice way, besides of the integrated Facebook functionality in the People Hub and Messaging. of reading and posting on your Facebook. On the Facebook for Windows Phone Facebook page they just posted that the new 2.5 version is available. The update should show up on your marketplace live tile, but if you can wait just use the trick we posted earlier: How To Force An App Update On Your Windows Phone New in Version 2.5 are: Added ability to like comments full-threaded Facebook messaging including group Read more


The messaging client on the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update includes now Group Text and Facebook Chat besides the regular normal SMS/text messaging. Soon Twitter messaging will be integrated as well. However there are many people who can’t get the Facebook chat to work using the turn on switch in the settings option even though their Facebook is set up as an account in the settings. I will explain here how you can make it work for you. The problem actually is not with the Mango update or the settings on your Phone. There are a couple of settings you need change on your desktop. These are as follows: 1. Go Read more


In the last couple of months there were many rumors about the Facebook phone. Windows Phone 7 already has a great deep integration in their Peoples hub of the Facebook posts from your account. Soon Windows Phone 7 will have twitter integrated as well. Today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona HTC announced two new phones running on the android platform with deep integration of Facebook. The HTC Salsa and the HTC ChaCha have even a dedicated Facebook button. Social media is becoming a big player in communications on mobile devices besides text messaging and e-mail. As said before, Microsoft announced this week at the Mobile World Congress that Read more

Windows Phone 7 will have integrated Facebook capabilities, but a real app for Facebook is now available as well.  In anticipation of many apps, you can see that the most popular and wanted apps are appearing in the MarketPlace. Not having a Windows Phone 7 in my hands yet, (yes I am itching to have one), I can’t wait to see a some real screenshots and a video of the new Facebook app for Windows Phone 7. It just appeared in the MarketPlace on the Zune Desktop client. See image below If you are one of the lucky ones to already have a Windows Phone & go ahead and download it. Read more

Facebook is being used more and more for social communications. However, how would you know someone replied to something you have posted? Or maybe you want to be directly notified if someone makes a post. In this article I will walk you to the process of enabling your Facebook notifications by E-mail and/or SMS text messaging. And the best thing of all is that you can respond back to these notifications by just replying in those e-mails and SMS Text messages. The experience with your mobile phone will be enriched by having these Facebook capabilities. The KIN ONE, TWO and all other Mobile Phones To enable push notification on all other phones you actually Read more

Kin, the latest addition to their Windows Phone product portfolio, designed to capture the magazine of your life was yesterday announced in San Fransisco. While we covered most of the facts of the Kin announcement in yesterday’s article “Kin One, Kin Two and Kin Studio – Capturing the Magazine of your Life“, I would like to focus on one of the nice features on the Kin website. You can experience the look and feel of the Kin One or Kin Two with your own Facebook data. Connecting to your Facebook account via Facebook connect You first need to point your preferred browser to www.kin.com and select the Kin One or the Read more