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Since the launch of Windows 10 preview and now the official Windows 10, I and many other have a problem with the build in mail client Outlook showing the wrong email account in the account settings. I have tried many things to fix this. However these fixes were only temporary because the email listed went always back to one of aliases I hardly use. The good thing however, after doing some testing, that this is only a visual problem. Your real main Microsoft account you logged in with your computer is the one it is really sending from and receiving to. But now we have registry edit fix to solve Read more


The room functionality on Windows Phone 8 is a great functionality if it works. However since the launch of Windows Phone 8 many people could not get this functionality to work. Thank to the Microsoft Community forums there is a temporary fix now that I will describe in this article.  I wasn’t able to get any of my family members to join my room. But I was able to join other rooms. Well we now know where the Hick-up is. The fix is actually very easy but takes some steps in your People Hub. The fix needs to be applied on the phone that is the host phone of the Read more

How to fix the Privacy settings in Facebook to allow your or your friends Facebook info to be displayed in the People Hub, Group and Individual Tiles. I have been frustrated for awhile why I couldn't see any Facebook updates of certain friends in the People Hub and those Individual and Group Tiles but was able to read their posts and updates from the official Facebook app from the Marketplace Read more