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I’m enjoying my Microsoft Surface RT very much except for the fact it doesn’t support Silverlight at all and Flash doesn’t work on certain websites. I really wondered why this was. But it seems that a specific XML file on your Windows 8 and Windows RT has a built-in white list to allow flash to be enabled on these sites. For me I couldn’t get to work one of my favorite sites in the Netherlands. However there is a tweak available right now that allows you to add your favorite flash enabled site to your white list. How to add your favorite flash enabled site to the white list on Read more


Last week I had the opportunity to have a quick hands on with the new line of the Samsung Windows Phones. The Samsung Focus S has improved screen quality, 8 mp camera and a added front facing camera and is even slimmer compared to the original Focus S. The Samsung Focus Flash is a new design with trimmed down specifications and has is more like a squared off candy bar design compared to the the Focus S. In the video below I will show you my quick  impressions of the two devices and the original Samsung Focus. I can’t wait to get my own Samsung Focus S Windows Phone. Share in the Read more


You might have been reading that this coming Sunday the new Windows Phones namely The Samsung Focus S, Samsung Flash and the HTC Titan will be available in the AT&T stores. But the day, which is this Monday November 7, 2011, Microsoft has a whole day planned in NYC to give Windows Phone a giant push. Besides an evening party hosted by Microsoft, there will be a Secret reveal at Herald square at Noon in which they bring Windows Phone to life in a big way. I have so my idea about this, what do you think? If you don’t have the invite for that noon event at Herald Square you Read more