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Last week I had the opportunity to have a quick hands on with the new line of the Samsung Windows Phones. The Samsung Focus S has improved screen quality, 8 mp camera and a added front facing camera and is even slimmer compared to the original Focus S. The Samsung Focus Flash is a new design with trimmed down specifications and has is more like a squared off candy bar design compared to the the Focus S. In the video below I will show you my quick  impressions of the two devices and the original Samsung Focus. I can’t wait to get my own Samsung Focus S Windows Phone. Share in the Read more

This article has been coming for awhile. The Samsung Focus Windows Phone has been my favorite Windows Phone up till now. The Samsung screens are one of the most vibrant true color screens on the mobile devices. However with every new smartphone on the market we never have enough power. The Samsung Focus comes with a 1500 mAh battery and really does do me well on normal days. However on those long days when I start my day early in the morning and have no opportunity to charge my device I now use the extended Mugen Power battery pack. This battery pack as more then twice the capacity of the original 1500 mAh, namely Read more

Earlier last week we found out that using the Samsung Diagnostics Toolon the  Samsung Windows Phone  7 devices you could tether your device to your laptop. But using this same method will also allow you to create a Wifi Hotspot using your Samsung Focus or Omnia 7 Windows Phone 7  device. With thethering with the  Windows Phone 7 Samsung Focus and Omnia 7 uncovered last week made me go back in my draw and pull out my CradlePoint PHS-300. I used this personal Wifi hotspot 3G/4G for some earlier Windows Phone devices to create a reliable Wifi Hotspot. Basically it used to be very simple. Connect your USB charging/data cable between your device Read more

How to’s, Windows Phone 7 core features, the Samsung Omnia 7 and the LG Optimus 7 have been reviewed on this website. However with the new Windows Phone 7 it is really hard to get the status of your battery. In all the settings you can’t find the percentage left on your battery. But with the Samsung Focus and the Omnia 7  there is now a better way to get this. With the new Windows Phone 7 you only can see a little small battery meter when you slide down your finger from the top of your screen down. However with this little battery is hard to see where you really at Read more