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Many people have either a Gmail account or a Google Mail account for their own domain. However, the quick Gmail set-up on some phones only brings in your emails from your Gmail or Google mail account and not your contacts and calendar items.  This article will show you that it is possible to sync your Gmail- Google mail,  contacts and calendar items onto your device using the Corporate Exchange protocol. The advantage of using this protocol on an Android device is that you are able to change the sync settings to a specific time frame instead of the only Push setting in the standard “add Google account” on the Android devices. This can save Read more

Backing up data in a proper way is not easy at all. A few months ago I reviewed the Clickfree Portable Backup Drive. That backup drive is good to backup all sorts of data stored on your computer or on your laptop. But what about YOUR data which is stored online. Imagine you would lose data from one or more of these online services. Flick, Twitter, Gmail, Google Docs, Facebook, Delicious, Hotmail. Personally for me that would be a true disaster. I’ve got all my pictures in my Flickr Account (well over 10.000 photo’s), all my e-mails in Gmail and Hotmail and I’ve got several other valuable data on my Read more