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After a period of radio silence in the development process after the release of version 1.1, Twikini his received two upgrades in about a week. Paul Willen reported about the release of Twikini 1.2 and this article will cover the changes in Twikini version 1.3 compiled in a mini review addressing these latest features. New “I’m Here” key-feature On the Twikini website you can read a description of this new feature in the changelog: “I’m Here” feature that inserts a Google Maps URL of your current GPS location inside a tweet. You’ll find this under the tweet window’s Menu. With this feature, you can share your exact location on a map.” Read more

A little while ago, during  CTIA 2009, the much anticipated successor of the very succesful HTC Excalibur was announced as the HTC Snap. With much of  the OEM’s focus -not only of HTC- is on developments for touch based devices, the launch of a rock solid Windows Mobile standard device is really welcome. In this review some of the product details will be highlighted, both in terms of hardware as well as software. Since the HTC S620 is my all-time favourite Windows Mobile Standard smartphone, I was looking forward to see this device hit the market. Luckily the Netherlands was one of the first countries where the HTC Snap went on sale, and therefore Read more