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One of the limitations of Windows Phone Market Place is to easily re-install in one action all the apps you ever downloaded or purchased. Right now you either have to use your phone or the marketplace website and individually re-download and install these apps. On the Windows Phone “your account” website you actually can see all the apps you have ever downloaded and let you re-install them one by one.  But now there is an app that allows you to re-install easily in one click the apps you want to re-install. The app is free and is called “Reinstaller” The description on the marketplace product page is informative and it works like a charm. I just Read more

Yesterday was the day that Microsoft Launched Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Phones and Windows Marketplace. In addition to these announcements, Microsoft also upgraded their My Phone service. First of all: the My Phone service, covered by Remo a couple of months ago, isn’t in beta anymore and is public to any Windows Mobile user. Go to http://myphone.microsoft.com and signup!