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The Google website started this week to refer Verizon customers to the Verizon website to buy the Verizon HTC Incredible instead of the Google Nexus One which is made by HTC as well. To tell you you truth I really like this HTC Incredible much better compared to the Google Nexus One we unboxed before. Verizon took on the “Droid” branding with their phones which could be confusing to consumers. Consumer who just say say they have a Droid, don’t know there are now at least three different Droid’s out there. The Motorola Droid, the HTC Droid Eris and now Verizon is marketing this new device has the HTC Droid Read more

It has happened to many iPhone users. Suddenly your iPhone is draining very quickly, even without using the iPhone at all. This has happened to my iPhone now for two times. On many blogs and forums people are complaining about it and many tips are given but not a real good answer to the sudden quick drain of your battery.  Below are these tips to save on battery power but won’t fix the sudden extreme drainage of your battery. We have changed the title to include Android and Windows Phone devices now as well. We experienced the same battery drain on other mobile platforms. It seems that the exchange sync funtion (possibly Read more