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In this article I would like to provide a short overview of Internet Sharing on Windows Phone, one of the area’s in which Microsoft pioneered new functionality for smartphones. It reminds me of an article of international friend Arne Hess, MVP Mobile Devices and Editor in Chief of the::unwired, “How Windows Mobile, Internet Sharing and UMTS saved me time” in which he states: “Okay, I admit that I was quite “frustrated” and “irritated” when Microsoft replaced the dial-up modem functionality on Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU2 with Internet Sharing.” In case you forgot the specific timeframe, Jaap van Ekris, MVP Mobile Devices, has published an overview of Windows Mobile OS versions and updates in time Read more

The HTC HD2 is, without any doubt, one of the hottest and most powerful Windows Phones on the market today. MobilityMinded has been very fortunate to conduct a very extensive and indepth review of the HTC HD2, which is published in the article “HTC HD2 review – A new era in Windows Phones’ history“. UPDATE: If you are using a T-Mobile USA branded version of the HTC HD2, the HTC Wi-Fi Router application won’t be pre-installed in the ROM. WMWifiRouter is aN excellent third-party alternative that you might want to check out here: WMWifiRouter 2.00 review – Turn every Windows Phone into a Wireless Hotspot However I would like to highlight one specific application on the Read more