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OtterBox announced and showed us a preview of a new series cases called the Reflex Series during CES 2011. OtterBox has been known of their amazing cases that well protect your mobile devices. Their Commuter, Impact and of course their Defender series cases have been a huge success. The Reflex series is a complete new and different design that is the slimmest and lightest, but will still give you the ultimate protection you need. The OtterBox Reflex case is a two part case that gives you Reflex zones in the corners of your case. Within the case a cushion of air gives you the extra protection for your device when it Read more

We have received a multitude of Dragonfly cases for review that are all compatible with the iPhone 3G and 3GS.  DragonFly has some great and unique designs to will fit many users. In anticipation of the new Apple iPhone 4 holders we reviewed the current line up of the Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS models. The models we received are as followed: The Dragonfly DF Shield Carbon Black The Dragonfly DF Case Hollywood Grain Black The Dragonfly DF Skin Rezza Neon Green The Dragonfly DF Case Monster Box The Dragonfly DF Case Portable Carbon Black The Homade ChocoCase The Dragonfly DF Shield Carbon Black The Dragonfly DF Shield Carbon Black Read more

I really like iOS4 – It gives me a lot features I use every single day (Every hour to be quite honest). But there’s one major downside to iOS 4: It’s batterylife. The iPhone’s battery life never really was very good – Therefore I bought a Morphie Juice Pack Air last year, but with iOS4 on the iPhone 3GS the battery drain is significantly more than iPhone OS 3.1.2. Eventhough Johan already posted a nice post with a few tips how to keep your battery drain at a low level, I thought it would be good to share this tip as well. I think the battery drain mainly is because of Read more

After the launch of the Apple iPhone 4 there are many reports about the “death grip” which gives a loss of reception in the antenna of the Apple iPhone 4.  Some how a good grip on your phone with your hand gives a conduction with the metal rim of the iPhone 4 with a loss of signal strength. Most solutions are as easy as by getting a case around your phone.  But I really do like the design of the iPhone 4 and don’t want to loose it by covering it up with a case. In the steps below I show you how I used left over Apple iPad Invisible Shield Read more