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PAID ADVERTISEMENT Can you imagine a future where your smartphone comes with unlimited data, but without a calling plan? Living in this brave new world doesn’t mean you have to abandon voice communication. The new Vonage Mobile app for iPhone and Android brings this new reality closer with free worldwide talk and text to all other users of the app. Whether your phone is connected over 4G, 3G, or Wi-Fi, your entire address book is only a tap away. Just remember that calls still use a portion of your data plan. Vonage Mobile certainly isn’t the first smartphone app to provide free calling and text messaging from mobile phones, so Read more

When I listen to my music at home I normally connect my iPhone to my amplifier with the 3.5mm Jack, open iTunes on the iPhone and press “Play” on any song I’m in the mood for. Then I walk over to the couch, lay back and relax. When the song is over I head over to the iPhone again, choose an other song, press play and listen to that song. Now one solution for not always walking from the iPhone to the couch is playlists 😉 but with playlists it isn’t possible to play exactly THAT particular song you’re in the mood for. That was a long description to introduce Read more

I’m a big (maybe the biggest) fan of Grooveshark. If you don’t know grooveshark; Grooveshark is an online music playing service and it totally fits all my needs. If you live in the US, you’ve probably heard of Last.FM or Pandora or maybe Spotify. In my opinion all those services don’t work as great in the Netherlands as they do like Grooveshark does. If you are a Grooveshark VIP ($3 p/month or $30 p/year), you can use this iPhone App unlimited. From Jailbreak app to Appstore Grooveshark tried to get the official iPhone app approved by Apple for a long time. Because at some time the Grooveshak team thought it Read more