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Today Microsoft changed the location of the Windows Phone forums to the successful Microsoft Answers forums. It is logical since most user come to the Microsoft forums looking for an Answer. In the Microsoft Answers forums you can find the following product groups: Windows (Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP) Office Microsoft Security Essentials And now the My Mobile Phone Forums have been added. These are for all existing Windows Mobile, Windows Phone and KIN forums. Welcome to Microsoft Answers, the community-based forums where you can search, browse, and post questions and answers. Thousands of community members—including Microsoft folks—are here to help. Get started by searching, or selecting a Read more

Facebook is being used more and more for social communications. However, how would you know someone replied to something you have posted? Or maybe you want to be directly notified if someone makes a post. In this article I will walk you to the process of enabling your Facebook notifications by E-mail and/or SMS text messaging. And the best thing of all is that you can respond back to these notifications by just replying in those e-mails and SMS Text messages. The experience with your mobile phone will be enriched by having these Facebook capabilities. The KIN ONE, TWO and all other Mobile Phones To enable push notification on all other phones you actually Read more

We just received the KIN ONE and the KIN TWO devices. These two new devices are brought to you by Microsoft running the new Windows Phone operating system with the special designed KIN User Interface. The devices are made by Sharp and are available in the United States by Verizon. The KIN Devices are unique due to the four different elements which we will look at in upcoming reviews: KIN SPOT – is about sharing. Drag everything you want to share to the spot, pick your people and hit send KIN LOOP – is whatever you want to know, whenever you want to know on the display of your KIN KIN Read more

Microsoft just announced Kin, the latest addition to their Windows Phone product portfolio, designed to capture the magazine of your life and optimized for the social generation. Robbie Bach, President, Entertainment & Devices Division @ Microsoft, shared the background information about the Kin development process, with the most striking fact that the Kin team interviewed thousands of people before even writing a single line of code. In addition one of my international friends Derek Snyder, product manager of the Kin team, rocked the stage by conducting some awesome demo’s with the Kin Phones and sharing the user experience and the basic underlying concepts of Kin Phones. In the picture below Read more