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We all have been reading that the Mango update is so close and imminent. Overnight the official Windows Phone webpage has been updated to reflect the new features and phones that the Mango update brings to all new phones and existing phones. The word is that Microsoft and AT&T are starting today to roll out the Mango update to their customers. Go ahead and check it out. http://mango.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-us/default.aspx   Update: The “Where is my Phone’s Update” pages have been updated as well. For the US and other parts of the World it looks like every phone will be updated soon as the status is “Scheduling” (except for the Sprint phones). Check Read more


The messaging client on the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update includes now Group Text and Facebook Chat besides the regular normal SMS/text messaging. Soon Twitter messaging will be integrated as well. However there are many people who can’t get the Facebook chat to work using the turn on switch in the settings option even though their Facebook is set up as an account in the settings. I will explain here how you can make it work for you. The problem actually is not with the Mango update or the settings on your Phone. There are a couple of settings you need change on your desktop. These are as follows: 1. Go Read more


Now that Mango is in the hands of developers we can show you now the great new functionality of Groups in the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update. With all the different Social Media connectors on the Windows Phone like Facebook, Live Messenger, Twitter and LinkedIn your People Hub will expand dramatically with amount of connections you have. With this, the “What’s New” feed in the People Hub will be filled with information you really don’t care about. On the  Facebook and Twitter websites  you already can create lists to cancel out the noise and filter the information you really want. However those are not accessible on the Windows Phone with the Mango Read more


About a month ago we gave you the link for the full webcast when the new Windows Phone 7 update was announced and was being previewed. In the last two days many real reviews showing off the new and hidden features of this Mango update have been appearing on some great sites. Just reading them and watching the screenshot and video’s make me even more excited to have this Mango update on my Windows Phone 7. Below I have summarized some links of the best reviews I have seen about Mango. PocketNow.com – The Ultimate Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Preview (many video’s and screen shots) ZDnet – Matt Miller – Hands-on Read more


In case you have missed it or want to see the details again about the the New and Improved Features of the Windows Phone Mango update you can now see the detailed webcast right here. As we reported earlier today in this article Windows Phone 7 is getting ready for a major update that will bring over 500 new and improved features to the Windows Phone 7 platform. Watch this full webcast below to see the up and close details of the major new features like Bing Visual, Linked Inbox, Threaded combined messaging, etc. In case the Video doesn’t work on your screen you can follow this link.