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Last week, Microsoft has begun to ship Windows Phone 7 hardware to developer partners  and it is loaded with the latest Technical Preview of the new Windows Phone 7 Operating System. Some of you did get a chance to play with the device, like I did at the first Windows Phone Get Together but there was no way we could spend some time alone with the device. There was only one (LG Prototype) Windows Phone 7 device there and it was heavily guarded by Maarten Sonneveld, Business Group Lead Mobile himself. But all this is going to chance now and in the upcoming weeks. It seems that the first devices Read more

Facebook is being used more and more for social communications. However, how would you know someone replied to something you have posted? Or maybe you want to be directly notified if someone makes a post. In this article I will walk you to the process of enabling your Facebook notifications by E-mail and/or SMS text messaging. And the best thing of all is that you can respond back to these notifications by just replying in those e-mails and SMS Text messages. The experience with your mobile phone will be enriched by having these Facebook capabilities. The KIN ONE, TWO and all other Mobile Phones To enable push notification on all other phones you actually Read more

One of the much anticipated accessories for the Nexus One is the Car Dock. There were several articles about the mysterious dots at the bottom of the device and most people figured out that it must be to connect the Nexus One to a dock or holder. After months of waiting, the Nexus One Car Dock is now available for purchase. The dock has built-in speakers and volume controls to enhance your in-car music experience. The Car Home app that comes with your Nexus One loads automatically when you connect your phone to the dock and makes it easy to access Maps and Navigation, Voice Search, Contacts, and Music. It Read more

Recently the first Foursquare client, named WinMoSquare showed up in Microsoft’s Marketplace. For those of you, who don’t know what Foursquare is, here is a brief description of the Foursquare principle: People use Foursquare to “check-in”, which is a way of telling your whereabouts. When you check-in someplace, Foursquare tells your friends where they can find you and recommend places to go & things to do nearby. People check-in at all kind of places – cafes, bars, restaurants, parks, homes, offices. Think of Foursquare as an “urban mix tape.” Foursquare helps you make lists of your favorite things to do and let you share them with friends. Foursquare will keep Read more

Today Windows Phone 7 Series was announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Laura Foy from Channel9 interviewed Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone Program Management who was able to give us a full overview of all the new exciting features of Windows Phone 7 Series. The topics that were covered are: The new user experience Integration with social networks like Facebook Internet Explorer Photos, videos, and music E-mail and texting GPS and maps Search integration Hardware standards Head over to the 22 minutes demo below:

The worst scenario which you can think of: You lost your Windows Phone and cannot find it anymore. It doesn’t answer if you call it and nobody reported your phone as being found. Of course it contains all your phone numbers, your calendar and your private files. What to do ? Hopefully you have connected your Windows Phone to the Microsoft MyPhone service. MyPhone enables you to sync everything on your device to a secured location, so that in case of a lost phone you can easily recover all your data to your new phone. But there is more ! If you use the Premium MyPhone service, you can even Read more

ProClip USA with their ProClip and Brodit products has just launched their own blog. They will be running a contest in next couple of days. How easy it is to win a great professional in-vehicle mounting solution. To Celebrate our launch we will be holding a contest and you can win a ProClip mounting solution. This solution will consist out of a custom mount for your vehicle and a custom holder for your device. We will be giving away 5 ProClip Solution to the lucky winners. How can you win? The rules are very easy: -Sign up with Twitter and Follow @ProClipUSA http://twitter.com/proclipusa -Tweet the following line ” RT Win Read more

In this short preview we will show you the new Acer M900 Windows Phone.  The long awaited successor of the Eten Glofiish M810 will soon be available to all you gadgeteers out there.  The M700 was the first QWERTY slider Phone Edition from Eten. After that it has been followed by the M800 and the last high-end model M810. Since Acer has aquired Eten, it has developed a second full QWERTY keyboard slider Windows Mobile device. As you can see, even the keyboard perfectly matches the layout of MobilityMinded.com! The specs are also quite impressive: It runs on Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional (Crossbow), has a Samsung S3C 6410 533 MHz Read more