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huawei e5830
Portable 3G routers are a great tool for sharing one mobile (3G) broadband data connection with several clients through wifi. Sharing your mobile data connection with multiple devices can make you more productive while working and relaxing.In this review we will take a look at the E5830, the 3G mobile hotspot modem from Huawei. Read more

There are a few good iPad Twitter applications available. Osfoora is a very popular twitter client and this is for a good reason. In this review I’ll go through the main functionalities of Osfoora. Osfoora has 6 main screens which will be described here. There are also 2 other screens which are important in Osfoora: “New Tweet” and “Profile”

HTC Desire Review

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Back in February during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, HTC announced 3 new phones. The HTC HD Mini, which was reviewed by Remo in April, the HTC Legend, which was reviewed by Mark in May and the HTC Desire. In this review I’m going through the most important aspects of the HTC Desire. From the specs of the HTC Legend and the hardware of the device. The software (Android version 2.1), some multimedia possibilities and the general device properties, like battery and performance. 1. Specifications and First impression Processor:  1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor Operating System:  Android™ 2.1 (Éclair) with HTC Sense Memory:  512 MB ROM / 576 MB RAM Dimensions Read more

The Gateway LT2104 Netbook has a wonderful 10.1 inch wide screen display perfect for on the go computing. With a crystal clear LED back-lit screen, this netbook is unmistakably one of the best ones on the market. This review will cover the make and software of the Gateway LT2104 Netbook Computer. User Experience The Gateway Netbook has a very attractive design with an ergonomic keyboard, and screen, measuring less than an inch thick and less than 3 pounds in weight. The keyboard for this netbook is perfect for the netbook’s size. The netbook itself is very small compared to the average laptop, yet the designers at Gateway made sure that Read more

Jose Gallardo Salazar, a senior mobile developer and architect who works at Clarius Consulting, developed a nice application for Windows Phone to stay up to date with the 2010 FIFA Worldcup in South Africa. You can read in the article “World Cup 2010 Application for Windows Mobile: The panoramic UX proof of concept is here!” on the Mobile Practices website: “I’m glad to introduce you this small World Cup 2010 application for Windows Mobile, which has been entirely developed using the Compact Framework applying some UX concepts from Windows Phone 7 panoramic UI and spikes on fluent UI I recently worked on.” In his article I will provide a short step by Read more

SPB Software, a leading developer for Windows Phone and probably best known for SPB Mobile Shell 3.x, has released a major upgrade for one of their great multimedia applications. Say hello to SPB TV 2.0 , that I will thoroughly discuss in the following article. SPB TV 2.0 – A step-by-step application overview When you open SPB TV 2.0 for the first time from the start menu of your Windows Phone, you will be asked to provide your e-mail-address, birthday and gender as part of the authentication process. In the right screenshot above you can see this authentication screen, with special attention for the disclaimer that this information isn’t shared with third Read more