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Jose Gallardo Salazar, a senior mobile developer and architect who works at Clarius Consulting, developed a nice application for Windows Phone to stay up to date with the 2010 FIFA Worldcup in South Africa. You can read in the article “World Cup 2010 Application for Windows Mobile: The panoramic UX proof of concept is here!” on the Mobile Practices website: “I’m glad to introduce you this small World Cup 2010 application for Windows Mobile, which has been entirely developed using the Compact Framework applying some UX concepts from Windows Phone 7 panoramic UI and spikes on fluent UI I recently worked on.” In his article I will provide a short step by Read more

I want to dedicate this article to an application for Windows Phone that has provided an excellent solution for avoiding roaming costs abroad as the result of “unwanted” cellular data connections that are automatically started by an application. I’m talking about MoDaCo Nodata, which is developed back in 2006 by one of my international friends Paul O’Brien, Founder and Editor in Chief of MoDaCo. In the original release post on the MoDaCo forums Paul O’Brien wrote: “Here’s a quick, handy little application i’ve rustled up as i’m off abroad for a few days soon, and don’t want to run up a huge GPRS bill. It lists your GPRS connections, and allows you to Read more

About a week ago one of my international friends, Leigh Geary, Windows Mobile MVP and Editor in Chief of Coolsmartphone.com, wrote a news item about the availability of a new YouTube application for the Windows Mobile- and Symbian S60 platform.  In this article I will provide a short overview of this new version of the YouTube application for Windows Phone. In addition I will share some of my practical experiences, although I must admit I’m not a heavy YouTube user on my HTC HD2 Windows Phone.             Some pre-installation information On the Official Google Mobile Blog you can read the following background information about the YouTube application design strategy:  Read more

In the showcase section of Windows Marketplace for Mobile I noticed a “new” Twitter client for Windows Phones called TouchTwit. I was looking for a new fast Twitter client for use on the HTC HD2, that would take more advantage of the Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon and the massive 4.1″ capacitive screen. Based on the positive feedback from users in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, I decided to buy TouchTwit from the Windows Marketplace for Mobile for the reasonable price of € 1,89 ! First launch of TouchTwit on HTC HD2 If you don’t mind I will skipp the purchasing process part from Windows Marketplace for Mobile, since this is very simple and intuitive to Read more

A few days ago Microsoft released an interesting and very welcome upgrade for Windows Marketplace for Mobile. In the past Windows Marketplace for Mobile has been covered in a sequence of articles (for example Windows Markeplace for Mobile coming to Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.0 and Windows Marketplace for Mobile – Payments and Operators) that help you to understand the basic concepts and underlying mechanisms of the application store for Windows Phones. However in this article the focus will be on the new features in the recent upgrade, which supports installation of applications on your storage card and the so called world view, which is a region switcher for all the Read more

Resco, founded in 1999 and based in Bratislava (Slovakia), is one of the “oldest” developers for the Windows Mobile platform. A few days ago Resco announced a new version of a multiple award winning application:  Resco Explorer 2010. I have been using Resco Explorer 2010 for a few days now, and in this article I would like to write down my findings in a mini-review format. I will mainly focus on the new features, but will also address a few other aspects that really make Resco Explorer the default  file manager for your Windows Phone. Let’s start quickly and download the Resco Explorer 2010 cab-files from the Resco Explorer Downloads page. Read more

I’m always looking for (third party) applications that make everyday worklife on my Microsoft Windows 7 powered notebook easier. In this article I will put the SkyDrive Explorer application to the test. “SkyDrive Explorer is a free, easy-to-use, but very powerful extension for Windows Explorer. With SkyDrive Explorer you can make any every-day operations with your documents from Windows Live SkyDrive service using Windows Explorer, as if they were on your computer.” As you can see SkyDrive Explorer integrates Windows Live SkyDrive in a clever way with Windows Explorer on your notebook or PC. For those of you who are not familiar with the Windows Live SkyDrive service, that provides an Read more

João Ribeiro, published a post on his TechNet Blog a few days ago about a new release of Windows Live for Windows Phone. In this article I will provide an overview of Windows Live for Windows Phones, and hopefully I can find the new improvements of this release and highlight them. Most of you probably do know the concept of Windows Live and the Windows Live Essentials applications, which e.g. include Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker, from the Windows Desktop.        Windows Live for Windows Phones components However I would like to start with a kind of functional description from Windows Live for Windows Phones product Read more

One of my international friends, Arne Hess, Windows Mobile MVP and Editor in Chief of the::unwired.net, wrote a nice article about a very clever application called Connectify, that enables a mobile professional toturn his Microsoft Windows 7 powered notebook into a Wi-Fi hotspot. The best part is that Connectify is freeware !! In this article I would like to provide you an overview of the Connectify application, and focus on some of the application details as well as the  included features and functions. In the screenshot of the about screen below you can see the version number of the Connectify application I reviewed. What kind of application is Connectify ? The screenshot above Read more

SPB Flash Cards is the latest application for Windows Phones, released  by SPB Software just before Christmas. In this article I would like to provide a step by step overview of this application, but what type of application is SPB Flash Cards ? My personal first guess was that it was a kind of game, since SPB Software has included an educational twist in their games. Think for example about SPB Brain Evolution or SPB Geo Game. However SPB Flash Cards isn’t a game as you can read in the press release: “SPB Flash Cards provides great assistance in learning a new language, although it has no claim to be the sole Read more