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If you like working with profiles on your Windows Phone, Phoneweaver is just the tool you need ! Silence your phone automatically at night, or when you arrive at work or go to the movies. Phoneweaver just got a major makeover and is now Windows Mobile 6.5 optimized. Let’s see else is new for Phoneweaver 2: I have been using quite some time now and for me it is the ultimate profile tool. I use it to silence my phone at night, so I won’t get disturbed when an email arrives or somebody dials the wrong number in the middle of the night. It is also a great tool to set your Windows Read more

Yesterday the news hit the market that Windows Phones (running Windows Mobile 6.5) will hit the market in less that five weeks. Today HTC has announced the HTC Touch2 with Windows Mobile 6.5 pre-loaded on the device, together with the additional service Windows Marketplace for Mobile and Microsoft MyPhone. HTC Touch2 overview “The HTC Touch2 ensures that everything is at your fingertips in a compact design that fits comfortably in your hand.  An advanced smartphone with everything you expect and more, the HTC Touch2 includes a variety of HTC enhancements including TouchFLO, an enhanced user interface that includes integrated weather updates and quick touch access to a variety of the most Read more

The long awaited successor of the HTC Touch Pro has finally been released to the public. Only  two days ago I received an email from Clove Technology informing me they had the HTC Touch Pro2 on stock,  almost one month before it would be released in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe ! I ordered it straight away and had it delivered to me in one day thanks to FedEx Priority. I grabbed it from the FedEx delivery guy’s hands (sorry about that!) and started unwrapping. It is always a lot of fun unpacking a brand new device which you have only seen on pictures. What will it look Read more