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Powermat send us some samples of their wireless charging solutions to us to give you all a feel for their products. With many cables out there, we all want to reduce these huge amounts of cables and get rid of our clutter. The Powermat is a step in the right direction in reducing some of the extra cables you might use when creating your own charging stations or with all your individual chargers. The Powermat will allow you to charge 3 different devices  wireless and one extra device by using the integrated USB port. The Powercube comes with 8 possible connector tips which will allow you to charge nearly all mobile devices on Read more

Since I own my iPhone 3GS, I’ve only come up with one downside: Its battery life. When the day is long I really need to be careful not to use the iPhone a lot, because the battery might not make it through the whole day. The Morphie Juice Pack Air is a solution to this problem. Extra Battery & Protective Case The Morphie Juice Pack Air is not only an extra battery for your iPhone. It is also a protective case. When you think about protective cases; you think of extra size and weight. And Yes, the Morphie Juice Pack Air adds weight and size to your iPhone. To put Read more

ScotteVest jackets have been around for a couple of years and I was a proud owner of the first line of jackets they had. Back then it was a great design and concept. Over the last couple of years the design has been perfected. In the video review below I will go in on those improvements in more detail. In the end I also have some advise as well.  The ScotteVest jacket that I am wearing is the SeV Evolution Jacket. The quote below really sums it up very nicely. This jacket represents a true evolution in our design. If you had just one all-purpose, waterproof breathable jacket, this would Read more