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I was fortunate to receive a Zune HD during the Mobius Conference a few weeks ago, so I was able to have a close look at the applications for the Zune HD. Last week I noticed that the Microsoft Zune Team announced a new Twitter application in the marketplace for the Zune HD. In this article I will have a walk through of the latest Twitter client for the Zune HD. The screenshot below shows you an overview of the Zune Marketplace section in the Zune software on my Windows 7 powered Lenovo X60 tablet. Zune Marketplace on Windows Desktop As you can see there is an overview of applications for the Zune HD Read more

Today the developer of the Tweetie iPhone application published a blogpost about his new project: Tweetie 2.0.  Tweetie is one of the most popular paid iPhone twitter applications, mainly because Tweetie had a clean, no-nonsense interface. The developer says about how his life changed after bringing the first version of Tweetie to the AppStore A few people bought it. Then a few more bought it. Then I realized this App Store thing was actually pretty popular, and ($2.99 – 30%) x enough people = a living. So I dropped everything and devoted every working minute since to Tweetie. In the last year the developer not only developed the Tweetie application Read more

After a period of radio silence in the development process after the release of version 1.1, Twikini his received two upgrades in about a week. Paul Willen reported about the release of Twikini 1.2 and this article will cover the changes in Twikini version 1.3 compiled in a mini review addressing these latest features. New “I’m Here” key-feature On the Twikini website you can read a description of this new feature in the changelog: “I’m Here” feature that inserts a Google Maps URL of your current GPS location inside a tweet. You’ll find this under the tweet window’s Menu. With this feature, you can share your exact location on a map.” Read more