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The HTC Snap is one of the few Windows Mobile Standard devices that received an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5. In this article I would like to have a look at the Windows Mobile 6.5 improvements for Windows Mobile Standard devices and compare these with the findings of the HTC Touch2 review, with Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional pre-loaded on the device. 1.  Homescreen The left screenshot above shows the todayscreen of the HTC Snap running on Windows Mobile 6.5, while the right screenshot is taken from the HTC Snap review a while ago, at that time powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard. As you can see the changes are marginal, with the only difference is the Read more

SBSH Mobile Software has just released SBSH Facade 2.0, an essential application for Windows Mobile Standard that combines personal information management (PIM) and the graphical userinterface (GUI) in a clever way. In this article an overview of SBSH Facade 2.0 will be provided, and some of the key features are emphasized in a short step-by-step review format. With the release on Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard and the introduction of Sliding Panels the user experience has significantly improved and you get more things done from the homescreen. In this review I will look also at how SBSH Facade builds further upon the Windows Mobile basics, and I will certainly look if and how I can Read more

Webis has just released Pocket Informant 9 for Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Standard. Pocket Informant is my favourite PIM application for many years, and honestly I do believe that this is (one of) the best PIM application(s) available on the market. On the Pocket Informant 9 product page you can read the following description: “Pocket Informant™ was the first full PIM (personal information management) for Windows Mobile in 2000. Windows Phone 6.5 now offers a more touch-friendly interface and Pocket Informant™ takes advantage of the new system level features to provide swiping and other gestures to maximize your finger friendly usage. With a scalable interface that can go between Read more

Normally I use SOTI Pocket Controller Pro if I need to take a bunch of screenshots for a review. But sometimes you need to take a screenshot on the go of your Windows Phone, without connecting it to your notebook or desktop. Iliumsoft Screen Capture is the perfect application to suite these needs. On the Iliumsoft Blog an update of this freeware application was announced 2 days ago. Iliumsoft also know from the applications eWallet, ListPro and Newsbreak provided some additional information about the improvements of Ilium Screen Capture. “The main goal was to bring the UI up to date with the latest version of the Windows Mobile OS. We also made a few Read more

Last week Spb Softwarehouse announced their latest game: Geo Game. The goal of this fun game is to test your knowledge on the world’s capitals and national flags. The game contains all the 234 flags, 235 capitals and 235 countries in the world and it is up to you to enter (or guess) them right. It is a great way of testing your knowledge or if needed, improve your knowledge or show off to your friends. One thing I didn’t know was that not every country in the world has a capital and a flag. The FAQ on the Spb website answers that question for me: Every country has its Read more