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To my surprise this morning on windowsphone.com I noticed that a new feature was visible in my account. besides Account settings, Find My Phone and Purchase History we now have also My Family. It looks like Microsoft is getting ready to give control to the parents for their kids using Windows Phone 8. But there are already many different family control systems in place. Is Microsoft gearing up to launch “My Family” across all their services? If you log on to your Windows Phone account on windowsphone.com and hover over your name on the right top you suddenly see a new feature called “My Family“. Since I have two kids and have them set Read more


On Microsoft’s Channel 9, Laura Foy gives us a preview of what is coming for Xbox LIVE on your Windows Phone 7. Some of these titles are already available for download in the MarketPlace, others should be available soon. Take a look at the video and if you already one of these new titles, let us know if you like them or what can be improved. These are the new titles: Fable Coin Golf (A skill based Golf game) Pocket God (Rule the Pygmy world) Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (Soccer game with impressive graphics) Full House Poker (Use your avatar in a Poker game) Pac-Man (Classic Pac-Man. Who hasn’t played Read more

With Microsoft Windows Phone 7 now on the market, many users are discovering the Zune music and video experience on their desktop as well. Windows Phone 7 integrates your Xbox and Zune account together on your phone using a single Live ID account. But many customers are trying to make their Live ID’s the same on both the Xbox and the Zune Desktop. But from the Zune desktop you can’t chance you Live ID.  However…… Why!! Now why do you want to change the Windows Live ID with your Zune account. The reason I will do this  is because I want my children to have the benefit of all the functionalities Read more